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Competition & Title Updates 
We have some big news to report about All-Americans succeeding at earning the top titles in Agility, Coursing Ability, Rally, Obedience, Scent Work, and Tracking, including another Champion Tracker!



Congratulations to this dog for earning the Agility Grand Champion title:

  • AGCH MACH3 Tuckman Of San Francisco MXC PDS MJB2 PJS MFG TQX T2B7 owned by Larry Rich of San Francisco, CA 

Master Agility Championships (MACH) 

Multiple Master Agility Champions

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more MACHs:

  • MACH14 Donaldson’s Daisy MXG4 MJS5 OF owned by Laura J. Donaldson of Elk Grove Village, IL
  • MACH10 Olive Hawkins MXB3 PAD MJG3 PJD MFB TQX T2B7 CGC TKI owned by Stefanie and Craig Hawkins of Florence, KY 
  • MACH9 Arff Tallulah MXG3 MJS3 MFB2 TQX T2B2 owned by Betsy and James Totten of Oak Hills,CA
  • MACH9 Sally Of Ingleside MXC2 MJB3 XF T2B2 owned by Valerie and Rod Dietz of O’ Fallon, IL 
  • MACH8 Carrington MXS3 MJG3 MFG TQX T2B5owned by Grace Swearingen of Colonial Heights, VA 
  • MACH7 Camp David’s On The Verge Of Greatness MXC2 MJB3 MFG TQX T2B3 CGC TKA owned by Rachel Billick of Tarentum, PA 
  • MACH4 Ghillie Altrive MXS2 MJG2 OF owned by Louise Gilchrist of Harrisonburg, VA 
  • MACH4 Dixie Belle Black CD BN MXS2 MJS2 TKN owned by Jennifer Sumpter of Algonquin, IL 
  • MACH4 Mighty Milo Vogel MXC PAD MJB2 PJS OF T2B4 owned by Kathleen Rose Vogel of Bay City, MI 
  • MACH3 Kensington Grace MXS2 MJS2 MFS TQX T2B2 CGC owned by Grace Swearingen of Colonial Heights, VA 
  • MACH3 Gretzky The Great One depup MXG MJG XF T2B ACT1 CGC TKI owned by Maria Sutjiamin of Lombard, IL 
  • MACH3 Up&Running A Mile A Minute CDX MXG PAD MJC PJD MFS TQX T2B2 owned by Julie Hill of Mandeville, LA 
  • MACH2 My Favorite Jeans RE MXS MJG MXP MJP XF T2B3 CGC TKN owned by Linda Musgrave of Wichita Falls, TX 
  • MACH2 Lady Parker Of Riverchase MXS PAD MJG PJD OF T2B2 owned by Barbara Larcom and Phoebe Fisher of New Braunfels, TX 
  • MACH2 Lady Luck’s Catch Me If You Can MXS PAD MJG PJD NF T2B3 owned by Gloria Krueger of New Market, AL 
  • MACH2 T-Bow MXG MJG OF T2B2 owned by Betty Steele of Warrenton, VA 
  • MACH2 Min Oskarssons Mischief Managed MXS MJC OF T2B owned by Karin Patrick of Marlton, NJ 
  • MACH2 Glenhighland’s Multiple Choice MXS MJC NF CA CGC TKA owned by Laura Simonelli and Stefanie Rainer of West Islip, NY 
  • MACH2 Lizzy XIV RN MXG MJG MXF CA CGC TKN owned by Patti Keating of Placentia, CA 
  • MACH2 Tig MXG PAD MJG PJS XF T2B4 owned by Elizabeth Miller of Redding, CA 
  • MACH2 Cooper Nathaniel Gorman MXS MJS OF T2B owned by Dale Gorman and Bob Duby of Nashua, NH 
  • MACH2 Rosie La Bella MXG PDS MJC PJD MFS TQX T2B3 owned by Leslie Lava of Tiburon, CA 
  • MACH2 Sachiko Lawn Dart MXS MJS XF T2B3 owned by Krisanne Crosby of North Chesterfield, VA 

Congratulations to this first-time MACH:

MACH Deb’s Little Miss Sunshine MXB MJB MXF T2B owned by Debra Wren of WarrenvilleIL

Soleil was found as a stray standing in the middle of a busy street in winter – cold, scared and underweight. A kind person brought her to Dire Straits Companion Animal Rescue. Debra took her in as a foster dog and after a month, knew she would “never give her up.”

“Agility was a long road for us,” Debra said. “Soleil was fantastic in training, but at a trial she would get the zoomies. After two years, I was close to quitting, but then everything clicked, and we became a team. Soleil works very hard for me and runs just as fast as she can, making her a perfect teammate.” The pair competed at the AKC National Agility Championship in Tulsa, OK, in 2019 and also qualified to compete in the 2020 AKC National Agility Championship.

Soleil lives with her two rescue brothers, MACH Kody and Jax. She also has a puppy sister, Bria. She received her MACH at the Keeshond Fanciers of the Central States agility trials in Huntley, IL, on Oct. 18, 2019.

Congratulations also to these dogs who have earned their first MACH:

  • MACH Newman’s Amber MXB MJS OF owned by Tracy Newman of Elkhorn, WI
  • MACH Chewey IV MXB MJB owned by Tim Carben of Poway, CA
  • MACH Lollipop True Gift Of Amazing Beauty MXB MJC CGC TKN owned by Betsy Habich of Salisbury, MD
  • MACH Flying High Alexis MXG MJS MXF T2B owned by Jane Weisemann of Brunswick, MD 
  • MACH Logan’s Little Castaway MXB MJS NAP NJP XF T2B owned by AlesaRyals of Fort Deposit, AL

Preferred Agility Championships (PACH)

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more PACHs:

  • PACH9 Crosby’s Quinn MXP22 MXPB3 MJP29 MJPG3 PAX9 MFP T2BP6 owned by Krisanne Crosbyof North Chesterfield, VA 
  • MACH4 PACH3 My Little Maddie MXS2 MJS2 MXP7 MXPG MJP8 MJPG PAX3 owned by Marion Kasch of Hanover Park, IL 
  • PACH3 Zucchini Of Wylde Green NAJ MXP9 MXPG MJP11 MJPC PAX3 owned by Trish Nelson and Arron Wings of Iowa City, IA 
  • PACH3 2fs Fisher Dog MXP8 MXPG MJP10 MJPC PAX3 T2BP SWN SCA SBA SHDN TKI owned by Julie and Nathan Free of Inola, OK 
  • PACH3 Darci Mae AX AXJ MXP10 MXPC MJP9 MJPG PAX4 NF CGC owned by Mari Jo Reese of Altoona, PA 
  • PACH2 Brooks’ Izzy AX AXJ MXP10 MXPC MJP9 MJPG PAX4 CGC TKA owned by Sue Brooks of Oregon City, OR
  • PACH2 Le Lonnie AX AXJ MXP6 MXPS MJP5 MJPS PAX2 owned by Robbin Lee Lembo of West Milford, NJ 
  • PACH2 Logan’s Flash Of An Angel Trixie MX MXJ MXP6 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2 XF MFP T2B T2BP RATN CGC TKN owned by Antje L Logan of Denham Springs, LA
  • PACH2 Flying Fruit Bat MXP8 MXPG MJP8 MJPG PAX3 NFP owned by Cathy Lokey of Amarillo, TX 

Congratulations to these first-time PACH recipients: 

MACH PACH Augustus McCrae MXB MJG MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF T2B2 owned by Leigh Rae Keathley of Mounds, OK

Augustus McCrae, aka Gus, obtained his first PACH on Jan. 11, 2020, at the Red Dirt Agility Club trial in Shawnee, OK. Gus loves agility, sleeping on the couch, belly rubs, and riding in the tractor and the truck.

He is also an active participant in Coaches, Handlers, And Many PawS (CHAMPS), a program allowing children and young adults with autism and special needs to learn and practice agility, obedience, and rally. He qualified for the 2020 AKC National Agility Championship and has attended NACs in Reno, NV, and Tulsa, OK.

“He often thinks about retiring because of his advanced age (he is 12 years old), but he doesn’t seem to be slowing down much! He is a very personable dog and a true crowd favorite,” Leigh said.

PACH Zema Russian Winter MXP6 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX MFP owned by Carol Bruckner Schwick of Crystal River, FL

Zema was one of a litter of six that Carol fostered for the American Bulldog Rescue. She was the last pup to be adopted, but things didn’t work out and she was returned two months later.

“When I went to pick her up, she ran to me and jumped into the front seat of my Jeep. Her paw touched my leg the entire way home. The director of the rescue said we should re-post her right away. I told her no because she was already home,” Carol said.

She was not the same puppy that left, so Carol got her into an obedience class to help her regain confidence. As fate would have it, there was an agility course at the site and Zema enjoyed trying out the obstacles. “I was a first-time handler and found a great trainer. Zema and I had quite a journey. She taught me so much! She also has her own fan club. Everyone enjoys seeing her run the courses because she is always smiling.”

Zema finished her PACH at the Tampa Bay German Shepherd Dog Club in Brooksville, FL, on Nov. 14, 2019.

PACH Sirius Canines’ Draco MXP7 MXPG MJP7 MJPG PAX2 NFP TKA owned by Margaret Boulanger of Houston, TX

Draco was adopted from Gold Ribbon Rescue in Austin, TX, as an 8-week-old puppy. He was going to be Margaret’s next flyball dog and learned the game very quickly.

But when he began racing, he started to shut down in the lanes and was very scared. Margaret needed to get him into a sport that would be fun for him and build his confidence so, they started an agility class.

After about a year they entered their first trial and got their first “Q” on the last run of the last day of the trial. “We were hooked. He was having so much fun and so was I,” Margaret said.

As they began to trial, Margaret saw Draco’s confidence increasing. “When we first started, he would hide behind me any time someone walked up to us. Now, he has a good number of friends in our agility circle. He will even walk up to strangers now. He knows that he is awesome!”

“Draco is not the fastest dog out there; but he is consistent and loves his job,” Margaret added.

Draco finished the PACH at the Nasa Area Companion Dog Association trial in League City, TX, on Dec. 8, 2019. “This is a dream come true for me, especially since he is my Novice A dog. But regardless of how we do in the ring, I get to take the best boy home with me at the end of the day. I am so glad that I get to play agility with this special boy.”

PACH Minewfie Scout Booth MXP4 MXPB MJP6 MJPS PAX T2BP2 CGC owned by David and Janice Booth of DeKalb, IL 

Scout came to the Booths through Starfish Animal Rescue in Plainfield, IL. She was found in a box with her four littermates on the side of a road in Kentucky.

“We were able to meet the whole litter, and after she chose us, she came home when she was 7 weeks old,” Janice said. “She was immediately adopted by our 4-year old ‘Mama Dog’ and her two new ‘brothers,’ all of whom are German Shepherds (and rescues as well).”

Scout soon completed several obedience classes and earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title. At the same time, she met many canine friends in her agility class, which often ended with a group party on the pause table. She began to participate in competitions when she was 2 years old and earned her PACH on Dec. 21, 2019, at the Treetown Boxer Club trial in Loves Park, IL.

“Scout also has the distinction of being the first dog ever allowed to sleep in our bed with us. This is due to her smaller size, but also due to her big attitude and assumption that that is where she belongs. The shepherds have accepted this without question. Scout knows a number of tricks, her favorite of which is to wag her tail on command. She also enjoys scent detection classes and continues to strut her stuff on the agility field.”

Congratulations also to these All-American Dogs who have earned their PACH:

  • PACH Eli XXIII AX AXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF T2BP owned by Deidra Notheis of Sacramento, CA
  • PACH Mccall Lone Star Liberty RE AX AXJ MXP5 MXPS MJP4 MJPB PAX CGC owned by Deborah R McCall of Bellevue, NE 
  • AGCH MACH15 PACH Moses Raphael York UD BN GN GO RAE5 MXB4 PDG MJC4 PJG MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MFC TQX T2B8 CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Jordan Patrick York of Evansville, IN 
  • MACH2 PACH Miss Sophie MXS MJG MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MXF owned by Marti Conrad of NaplesFL
  • MACH5 PACH Olszewski’s Buffy MXG2 MJS2 MXP3 MXPB PAX OF NFP owned by Sandra Olszewski of Freeland, MD 


Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX)

Congratulations to these dogs for earning multiple CAX titles:

  • Iyong Tapat Kaibigan FDC CAX16 DCAT DN owned by Stephanie Joan Markgraf of Graham, NC
  • Kendall’s Myles To Home CAX2 BCATCAX2 owned by Ronda Kendall of Jefferson, IA
  • Woodacre’s Lucky Dragon CD BN RA CAX2 BCAT owned by Jackie Phillips of San Leandro, CA
  • Zoey Furiously Happy CAX2 FCAT2 TKN owned by Pam Buswell of Gorham, ME
  • 999 Happy Haunts, There’s Room For One More RN CAX5 BCAT owned by David and Jennifer Light of Leesburg, VA
  • Wendy’s Ice Princess RN CAX2 BCAT CGC TKN owned by Wendy Brusso of Marion, NY
  • WSC Stone Canyon Jasper CAX2 DCAT CGC TKA owned by Jennifer Strubinger of Milton, NH

Coursing Ability Excellent – Congratulations to these dogs for earning their first CAX for passing the CAT test 25 times:

  • Bentley Kayganiewicz RN CAX BCAT DDU DDGE CGCA CGCU TKPowned by Kristyn Kay and D.J. Cyganiewicz of Lexington, KY
  • Rudolfo CAX BCAT SINowned by Wynne Phillips of Beacon, NY
  • Charm Princess Jewell Smith RAE CAX BCAT THDA CGCA CGCU TKPowned by Susan Smith of Bordentown, NJ
  • Tequila Sunrise II CAX BCAT CGC owned by Lauren Sobol of Montville, OH
  • Wailin’ Phelan The Bearded Lass CAX FCAT owned by Krista Shreet and Ted Koch of Crownsville, MD
  • Bearded Bruce The Moose CAX FCATCAX owned by Krista Shreet and Ted Koch of Crownsville, MD
  • DMT’s Christmas In Dixie CAX FCAT CGC TKPCAX owned by Danny Terry of Eclectic, AL

Fast CAT

Congratulations to these FCAT title earners for earning 1,000 points:

  • Mr. Scamp RN AX OAJ NJP CAA FCAT ACT2 TKN owned by Leigh-Anne Congdon of Mill Hall, PA
  • Pieper’s Kekoa CA FCAT CGC TKI owned by Marianne Pieper of Gainesville, VA
  • Doonahshee Zip A Dee Doo Dah OA NAJ NF CAA FCAT SIN CGC owned by Elizabeth A. Rogersand Debbie S. Tull of Fortuna, CA
  • Sage Zaharoiu CA FCAT owned by Maggie Zaharoiu of Sunnyside, NY
  • Alabama’s Diva Miss Mimi CA FCAT ACT1 owned by Jill Bond of Austin, TX
  • Princess Jia Li Of Faerie RM RAE FCAT THDX RATM CZ8S CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Dr. Cynthia Rae Becker DDS MAGD of Fishers, IN
  • Lori’s Lone Ryder NA NAJ CA FCAT CGCA owned by Lori Mize of Fort Mitchell, AL
  • Reba’s Fancy Red Heart BN RI FDC CA FCAT ACT2 SWAE SWM SCME SIME SEME SHDE THDN CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Barbara Anne Bumcrots of Maumee, OH
  • Buddy Boy FDC FCAT CGCA CGCU TKN owned by Rachel and Benjamin Hatton of Germantown, OH
  • Wailin’ Phelan The Bearded Lass CAX FCAT owned by Krista Shreet and Ted Koch of Crownsville, MD
  • Sinister FCAT owned by Katrina Mauldin of Germantown, MD
  • Pirlo II CA FCAT CGC TKN owned by Lisa Coffman of Sunbury, OH
  • Hyde Park’s Sweet Petunia CAA FCAT CGCA TKA owned by Grayce S Berman of Tallahassee, FL
  • Bearded Bruce The Moose CAX FCAT owned by Krista Shreet and Ted Koch of Crownsville, MD
  • Rosa The Slightly Bearded Senorita CAA FCATowned by Krista Shreet and Ted Koch of Crownsville, MD
  • Hong’s Trevor FCAT CGC TKI owned by Diana Hong of Bowie, MD
  • DMT’s Christmas In Dixie CAX FCAT CGC TKPFCAT owned by Danny Terry of Eclectic, AL
  • Drivetrain I’D Wrap That RN FDC CAX FCAT CGC TKA owned by Alyshia Funk of New Salem, PA
  • Buster Rhymes CA FCAT SCN CGCA TKN owned by Cyndie Fleagle of Waynesboro, PA
  • Wylie Texas Fottler Sissie FCAT DJX3FCAT owned by Gordon Kane and Lori Lagasse of Allen, TX
  • Van Pelt’s Cooper CA FCAT CGC owned by James Van Pelt of Metairie, LA
  • My Nessary Evil CA FCAT CGCA TKI owned by Ashley Stafford of Manassas, VA
  • DT6 Blue Star RN CAX FCAT owned by Gordon Kane and Lori Lagasse of Allen, TX

Congratulations to these dogs for adding more FCAT titles to their names:

  • Nataki’s Life In The Fast Lane RN FCAT4 CGCA TKP owned by Gwen and Stephen Carr of Frederick, MD
  • Shannon XI CAX FCAT4 owned by Lori and John Stephenson of Manassas, VA
  • Ruby In The Rough OA OAJ CA FCAT3 DJ CGC TKP owned by Katharine Lenhart of Dayton, OH
  • Schatzi IX CAA FCAT3 CGC TKN owned by Lori and John Stephenson of Manassas, VA
  • Diamond-Hope Traub FDC CAA FCAT2 SWA SCNE SINE SENE SHDN TKN owned by Lisa and Tim Traub of Mukwonago, WI
  • Found By God’s Grace, Kaylee Grace FCAT2 ACT2 DN CGC TKN owned by Kris Voit of Haymarket, VA and William Hoosier of Woodbridge, VA
  • Zoey Furiously Happy CAX2 FCAT2 TKN owned by Pam Buswell of Gorham, ME
  • Berks Jackson NAP NJP NFP CA FCAT2 SWN SCNE SBNE SHDNE SBA RATO CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Jennifer Baiocco of Cocoa, FL
  • Ninja Noodle CAA FCAT2 owned by Dianne Winterling Cottrell of Winston Salem, NC


  • American Super Blaise Reigns DCAT owned by Elizabeth Frum of Whitehall, OH
  • Kristull Aval’On Gamine DCAT owned by Laura Green of Roanoke, VA
  • Pieper’s Reece CAX DCAT CGC owned by Marianne Pieper of Gainesville, VA
  • I Have Them All Fooled, Lana Angel CAA DCAT ACT2 CGC TKN owned by Kris Voit of Haymarket, VA and William Hoosier of Woodbridge, VA
  • Buckeye Scarlett BN RI DCAT CGC owned by Keri Ensign of Canal Winchester, OH
  • Thornton’s Odin RN FDC DCAT CGCA owned by Denise Thornton of Lotus, CA
  • Liptak’s Toby DCAT ACT2 CGC TKP owned by Stephanie Liptak of Cranberry Township, PA
  • Doonahshee Espiritu Valiente DCAT owned by Elizabeth A. Rogers and Debbie S. Tull of Fortuna, CA
  • Liver Lips Lucy BN CAA DCAT owned by Deven Weimer of Hurricane, WV
  • Copper Ninja Talerico DCAT SWA SCE SIE SHDN THDA CGCU TKP owned by Sandi M. Talerico of Davison, MI
  • Marnie Palmer Wagglebottoms DCAT owned by Lauren M. Dale of Muncie, IN
  • Mr. Charlie DCAT RATN TKN owned by Lynnette Conrad of Springfield, OH
  • What A Pip RI CAA DCAT RATN CGC owned by Barbara Visinski of Freehold, NJ
  • Phoenix’s Cinnamon Cravings DCAT ACT1 owned by Lauren Burris of Pickerington, OH
  • Mackadoodle DCAT owned by Jerri Todd and Diana Echols of Casstown, OH
  • Olympia Reina De Las Amazonas NA NAJ NF CA DCAT owned by Lindsey Williams of Tallahassee, FL
  • Lily Pinto DCAT CGC owned by Vicky Pinto of Kingsport, TN
  • Peyton Zazzagonia DCAT owned by Melissa A. Horlock of Batavia, IL
  • Koby’s Roxi RN DCAT SWA SCE SIE SHDA TKI owned by Gary and Janice Kobylarzof Winnebago, IL
  • Brunet’s Milo RN AX AXJ XF CAA DCAT CGC TKI owned by Sarah Brunetof Baton Rouge, LA
  • Sweet As Colorado Toffee CAA DCAT ACT1 TKN owned by Natalee Yates of Fergus Falls, MN
  • Cmj’s Minnie Moo DCAT owned by Christina Johnston of Fairfield, CA
  • Bailey’s Irish Kreme RN AX OAJ NAP NJP CAX DCAT CGC TKN owned by Kay Jennerwein of Simi Valley, CA
  • Heart Of Gold CAX DCAT SBN owned by Katie Lane of Reston, VA
  • Lady Be Gold’s Forever Shiloh CD BN RA CAA DCAT CGC owned by Vicki Owens of Centreville, VA
  • Cody38 OA AXJ OF CAA DCAT SCN SIN owned by Debbie Lajoie of Buda, TX
  • Bacon Bits NA NAJ OF CA DCAT RATN DEX11 TKI owned by Nancy Christensen of Dallas, TX
  • Fletcher Of Williamsburg NA NAJ DCAT ACT2 CGC owned by Leanne Guyette of Salisbury, MD
  • Rigby Pelzer DCAT DE DM owned by Carrie and Cole Pelzer of Gainesville, FL


Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)

Congratulations to this All-American Dog who has earned the UDX title:

Chiogioji’s Koa UDX OM1 RE THDA CGC owned by Faye Chiogioji of Honolulu, HI

Seven-year-old Koa is a Toy Poodle/Chihuahua/Dachshund mix whose life goal is to make as many friends as possible and do cute things to get treats from humans.

Competition was not an objective when Koa and Faye started training with the Obedience Training Club of Hawaii. Faye just wanted Koa to behave so he wouldn’t run off. Koa liked going to classes, loved interacting with other dogs and humans, and was a quick learner. “Thanks to the encouragement of the other trainers, especially instructor Jeffrey Carvalho, Koa happily found a way to channel his energies and intelligence,” Faye said.

Koa earned his UDX and OM1 titles on Nov. 24, 2019. He is also a therapy dog with Tails of Aloha, an animal-assisted therapy organization in Hawaii.

Congratulations also to this dog for earning the UDX:

  • Earnestly Being Barrett UDX OM1 VER RE AXP AJP owned by Susan Moore of Clarkston, GA 

Utility Dog (UD)

Congratulations to this dog who has earned the UD title:

Sheltons Sassy Gingersnap UD BN GO owned by Susan and Clay Shelton of Savage, MN

Susan has been training her dogs in obedience since she was 14 years old but never had the opportunity to show in obedience competitions with them.

“It turned out that Ginger is the most intelligent dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning,” Susan said. “Ten years ago, when Ginger was 3 years old, an obedience instructor suggested that I start training her for AKC trials as the Canine Partners program had just begun, allowing mixed breeds to compete.

“Getting Ginger’s CD and CDX were a breeze with most scores in the 190s. She has always been a quick learner and eager to please, fun-loving, sweet and ready to work. She loves everyone and everyone loves her!”

In 2014 they started training for Utility but hit some bumps in the road: Family obligations and ACL surgeries for Ginger. She recovered well, and in 2018 they resumed work. “On Nov. 23, 2019, she gave me the best Thanksgiving present at the Des Moines Obedience Training Club, earning her UD with a blue ribbon!”

“I had lots of help from the dog training community in Minneapolis. While we were showing in Utility, they rallied around me and guided us,” Susan said. “My sweet girl is 13 now, and we are working on her Trick Dog title as she is always looking for something to do. I don’t think I will ever stop training her; we both enjoy it so! Ginger is the best Novice A dog I could have ever asked for.”

Ginger also enjoys boating and hiking and also worked as a therapy dog.

Congratulations also to this dog for earning the UD title:

  • Nugget Minik UD owned by Michael and Carolyn Minik of Naperville, IL 

Rally Champion (RACH)

To earn the prestigious RACH, dogs must achieve a minimum of 300 championship points from the Excellent B and Master classes, and 20 triple qualifying scores obtained from the Advanced B, Excellent B, and Master Classes.

Congratulations to these dogs for earning the RACH:

MACH RACH Dancing Dogs Shiner Bock CDX RM2 RAE2 MXS MJB MXP2 MXPB MJP2 MJPB XF MFP owned by Mary Waugh Swindell of Boyd, TX

Shiner came to Mary at 12 weeks. “She is an amazing dog who has qualified for the nationals in both agility and rally several times each! She is a bossy, barky dog who will tell me (often) when she doesn’t like what we’re doing, or how it’s done, and we have had to work hard to curb that sass in the rally ring,” Mary said.

“She is an amazing worker in everything she does, recently taking High Triple Combined in three out of her last four Rally trials, the most recent one with a combined score of 299 out of 300. We’ve worked long and hard to forge such a great relationship, and she excels at any task that I’ve set before us. I can’t imagine a harder working, more brilliant dog to be my partner.”

Shiner earned her RACH on Feb. 16, 2020, at the Obedience Training of Wichita Falls.

RACH Barrett The Wonder Mutt CD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 FDC CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Timiae Knoll of Jackson, GA

In 2011, Timiae was stationed in Texas for the Army. For the first time in her life she was without a German Shepherd, but she wasn’t seriously searching. She was casually looking online one evening and found an ad for Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd mix puppies from an accidental breeding between family pets.

“I went to ‘just look,’ which of course ended with a wiggly 10-week-old puppy riding home on my lap. It was the best $50  that I’ve ever spent,” Timiae said.

Seven years later, after two cross-country moves and two human children, they were back in Georgia. Timiae was vending collars at a dog show. “After watching the obedience and rally performances that day, I was hooked. I knew that Barrett and I could do it. I met Tara Cotton and her Corgi crew at that show, and she took me under her wing. She became a close friend and my dog show buddy.”

The fast pace of rally suited Barrett’s enthusiasm for working, and each sign was like performing different tricks along the course. Eight years of training helped them to title quickly, and they were complimented at every trial for how happy Barrett was in the ring and for their great teamwork. “Barrett loved working with me, and I loved working with her,” Timiae said.

Barrett earned her RACH at their home club, Atlanta Obedience Club, on Feb. 16, 2020, just nine months after her first novice rally run, and 11 months after her first obedience trial ever. She picked up 56 placements, six High Combined, and four High Triple Qs along the way.

Timiae planned to pursue a CDX with her after her rally success, but three days after earning her RACH, Barrett got the devastating diagnosis of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). “I credit our close partnership through our rally journey for my noticing the almost imperceptible change in gait that led me to taking her to the vet. While she is in the earliest stages and is doing fine, she is now retired from dog sports. Her career was short, but very full and successful. She is nearly 9 years old and will continue to be my active companion for as long as she is able.

“I am so thankful for the Canine Partners program for allowing my sweet All-American Dog and me the opportunity to have all those weekends trialing together, for strengthening our bond, and for allowing me the chance to showcase what an amazing girl she is. I am so proud of her. She is my once-in-a-lifetime heart dog; the one that I will compare all others to. It is truly a privilege to have such a fine dog by my side.”

RACH Jeanniejo’s The Almighty Samson CD RM4 RAE2 CGCA owned by Jo Ann Ray & Jean Gutridge of Maryland Heights, MO

Samson was rescued from the St. Louis City Shelter. In the first home he was placed in, he was frightened of everything – particularly of the father in the household – and the family returned him to the rescuer.

Jo Ann and her daughter Jeannie adopted him even though he would not come to them. Samson was about 6 to 9 months old, and Jo Ann, who had been involved in conformation and obedience training years before, knew that he needed classes for socialization and training. At first, he hid under the chair during class.

“It was a slow process, and we had help from some great people to earn the success in rally,” Jo Ann said. He earned his RACH at the North County Obedience Training Club trial.

RACH Just Candy CD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 FDC DCAT ACT1 CGCA CGCU TKP ATT RATN owned by Pat Holladayof Murfreesboro, TN

After Pat’s senior Labrador Retriever died, she wanted a “smaller big dog.” She found Candy at the shelter, where they were having a $3 adoption special.

“She was running out of time… seems no one wanted a solid black, already 2-year-old hyper Lab mix. For me, it was love at first sight. I knew as soon as our eyes met, she was the one and at 18 inches and only 35 pounds, she was the perfect size,” Pat said.

There were shyness and noise sensitivity issues to work through, plus her high energy level (Pat almost named her Chaos instead of Candy). But a little patience and lots of exercise and mental activities helped her settle into the sweet, loving, and calm dog she was meant to be. She was willing to try almost anything: Obedience, Trick Dog, Fast CAT, Scent Work, Barn Hunt, and Tracking; but she excelled at Rally. She made quick work of her lower rally titles, finishing her Rally Excellent title at the end of January 2019.

Candy and Pat began competing for the RACH in July 2019 and finished just five months later on Dec. 8, at the Paducah Kennel Club trials in Paducah, KY. During the six trials that weekend, they showed a total of 18 times in Masters, Excellent, and Advanced and won five of the six possible high scoring Triple Q awards and two of the High Combined awards as well as Candy’s Rally Masters 2 and her RAE2. “And, best of all, we finished her RACH. Her rally career is spotless having qualified every time from her first novice leg to her RACH.”

Candy qualified for the AKC Rally National Championship in the Championship class, and she was named the top mixed breed in the Front and Finish 2019 Rally Combined Rating System Report. The report lists the top 10 dogs in each breed and the top 10 of all mixed breeds showing in Rally Excellent and Advanced for the year. Candy is number-one of all mixed breeds shown in 2019. “Not bad for a $3 dog that no one wanted,” Pat said.

Rally Master (RM)

Congratulations to these first-time RM recipients:

Fiona The Fair RM NAJ NF CGC owned by Anne Crown Cyr of Rehoboth Beach, DE

Fiona is a 12-lb Westie/Maltese mix, with a Westie appearance and attitude. Anne said she quickly learned that “terrier” trumps everything. She wanted to name her something regal yet based on her Westie-ness, hence, the name Fiona, for the princess from Shrek and for the Scottish word meaning “white, fair.”

“Anyone who has met Fiona or seen her in the trial ring has commented on how happy she is,” Anne said. “She has such energy that people often mistake her for a 3-year old, instead of an 11-year-old gal who simply isn’t aging. She is a quick learner and loves being the center of attention. We have competed off and on, mostly in agility. She always did well in training, but at trials her level of excitement compelled her to zoom a hundred miles an hour around the ring and visit with the ring crew and judges. She had a reputation as a runner, and the stewards would shut down the galleries so she couldn’t escape.”

She decided to focus on rally in an effort to help with agility down the road. In the past year, Fiona has earned her Rally Excellent and Masters titles; she received her RM at the Eastern Shore Classic in Maryland in November 2019.

“We are working on our RAE, and Fiona is eligible for the AKC Rally National Championship this year. “Happily, she continues to move up in agility without any zoomies so far. Fingers crossed,” Anne said.

“When she’s not in training or competing, Fiona loves long walks on the boardwalk or being at home watching television, especially mysteries and anything where dogs appear. She knows the music to the best dog food commercials and loves watching the Westminster Dog Show surrounded by her favorite toys. She’s a real princess at heart.”

I’M Pretty Aerodynamic CD BN RM RAE CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Erica Huehn of Beavercreek, OH 

Twelve-year-old Aero completed his Rally Master title on Nov. 10, 2019, at Columbus All-Breed Training Club in Columbus, OH.

He has always enjoyed rally, participating in the sport even when Erica was a junior in 4H. The RM will be Aero’s final AKC Rally title and, in his semi-retirement, he will begin pursuing more trick titles through the AKC.

In addition to rally, Aero also competes in canine musical freestyle and is working towards his debut in tracking. He also enjoys spending his time helping Erica with CGC testing, often participating as the neutral dog to help others achieve their dog training goals.

Lc’s Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper CD RM RAE AX OAJ XF CA BCAT SWN RATO CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Lindsay Clark of Reddick, FL 

In 2013, Lindsay saw a picture of a scruffy puppy on a rescue website. That picture stole her heart, and she knew he was meant to come home with her. Though he started out as an insecure rescue pup, Cooper quickly gained confidence during obedience classes.

After seeing how much the training was helping Cooper, she started looking into competing when she learned about Canine Partners. “Sports like rally and agility taught him to realize that the world isn’t such a scary place,” Lindsay said. “As Cooper continued to come out of his shell, it was apparent that my intelligent and speedy scruffy mutt was having a blast. From then on, we were hooked on dog sports.”

Cooper lives up to his nickname of ‘Sooper Cooper’ in every sport he attempts. He has earned 32 AKC titles in nine different sports – most recently the Rally Master title at the Orlando Dog Training Club trial on Dec. 12, 2019, in conjunction with the AKC National Championship in Orlando, Florida. “Since starting in rally, it was a goal of mine to show at that venue, and I am so grateful to Cooper for making it happen.” Cooper recently earned a High in Trial and High Triple Combined in Trial at a trial in Ocala, FL.

Seven-year-old Cooper is the first dog Lindsay has competed with, and she said she looks forward to working towards the RACH title. The pair earned an invite to the 2020 AKC Rally National Championship at the Championship level. Cooper’s favorite non-dog sport activities are hiking in the woods and swimming – especially at the beach!

Congratulations also to these dogs for earning the RM title:

  • Kenzie Of Nevada CDX RM CGC ATT owned by Barbara Bunner of Pahrump, NV 
  • RACH Just Candy CD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 FDC DCAT ACT1 CGCA CGCU TKP ATT owned by Pat Holladay of Murfreesboro, TN 
  • Amber Noel RM CGC owned by Marilyn Giambetro of Parma Heights, OH 
  • Pippa Of Mill Glen CD BN RM TKN owned by Ute Wrotniwski of Dunwoody, GA
  • Breeding’s Remington RM RAE OA OAJ AXP OFP CGCA TKI owned by Abigail Breeding of Dumfries, VA
  • Cubby Of Pemberville Rd. CD BN RM RAE FDC ACT2 THDN RATN CGCA CGCU TKARM owned by Sarah Matteau of Millbury, OH 

Congratulations to these first-time RAE recipients: 

  • Pappas’ Jack RAE owned by Holly Pappas of Milford, NH
  • H.E.L.P.Er. CD BN RAE FDC MX MXJ MJB OF SWN SCA SEA CGCA TKA owned by Alyson and Tim Schartz of San Diego, CA 
  • Frank N Stein CDX RAE NA OAJ NF SCN CGC TKP owned by Debra and John Hnath of Claremore, OK
  • RACH Just Candy CD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 FDC DCAT ACT1 CGCA CGCU TKP ATT owned by Pat Holladay of Murfreesboro, TN 
  • Billi Jo RAE owned by Sharon M. Wiese of Rhinelander, WI
  • Aj’s Search N Rescue CD BN RAE CGCRAE owned by Angela Pleat and Christopher Bazzell of Akron, OH 
  • Mona RAE MX MXJ THDA CGCA CGCU TKN owned by Barbara Zinakorjian of Santa Maria, CA 
  • Princess Arabella By Jmj RAE CGCA owned by Cynthia Prye of Lima, OH 
  • Luke Skywalk CD RM2 RAE NA NAJ CGC TKA owned by Amanda Olson, Levi Olson, and Jonathan Olson of Otsego, MN
  • Ruby Blue Mingus CD BN RM RAE FDC NA CGC TKP owned by Stephanie Pollard of Alvarado, TX 
  • Cubby Of Pemberville Rd. CD BN RM RAE FDC ACT2 THDN RATN CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Sarah Ann Matteau of Millbury, OH 
  • Logan Mason-Wolf RAE owned by Katharin Mason-Wolf of Ottawa Hills, OH
  • Reggiano’s Amazing Grace RAE CGCA TKN owned by RoseAnn Reggiano of Sandy Hook, CT
  • Frankman’s Sunny CD PCD BN RAE owned by Maura Frankman of Riverhead, NY 
  • Alyssa’s Blue Jeaned Wrangler CD BN RAE OA OAJ CGCA CGCU TKP owned by Alyssa Lanier and Jennifer Lanier of Ocklawaha, FL
  • Breeding’s Remington RM RAE OA OAJ AXP OFP CGCA TKI owned by Abigail Breeding of Dumfries, VA 
  • Globokar’s Gizmo CD BN RAEowned by Daniel and Rebecca Globokar of Phoenix, AZ


Scent Work Masters 

Spiro’s Kali SWA SCM SIE CGC TKN owned by Sheila Spiro and Greg Bearman of Pasadena, CA

Sheila and Greg adopted Kali 12 years ago from the Pasadena Humane Society on the day their second grandson was born. She was a lively and delightful 1 ½ year old Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix, and they were her third home.

“Kali is the first dog I have tried to do any sport with,” Sheila said. “She hated agility immediately.”

But when they were introduced to the sport of nose work more than 10 years ago, she took to it right away. Despite Kali’s high energy level, the concentration this sport requires fulfilled her nicely. They began with AKC Scent Work as soon as they heard about it. Kali earned the SCM on Oct. 27, 2019, in Altadena, CA.

“I grew up devouring dog stories but didn’t have a dog of my own; working with Kali has created a bond between us that I previously thought existed only in fiction. She is 14 now and losing her hearing. That has had no effect on her ability to discern scents and enjoy the game – people repeatedly exclaim how happy she looks when searching.”

Bucky’s Lil Tanker MX MXJ MJB BCAT SWA SCM SIE CGC TKN owned by Kim Buchhalter of New Carlisle, OH

Tank is a 7-year old Russell Terrier mix who loves scent work. Tank was intended to become Kim’s next agility partner but after five years of training and competing, it became obvious that he didn’t have the same passion for agility that she did.

Kim wanted to find something that they could both enjoy. A friend suggested that she try scent work, where Tank wouldn’t feel the same pressure he felt in agility. Tank took to it right away and has never looked back.

“He searches with such confidence and finds solving the scent puzzle so exciting. In only nine days of trialing throughout the year, Tank not only received his Container Master title on Jan. 11, 2020, at the Toledo Kennel Club trials, but also earned Master High in Trial in both trials!”

Goose BN RE OAP NJP SWE SCM DS DJ CGC TKN owned by Sarah Gardner of South Chesterfield, VA

Sarah adopted Goose when he was just under a year old from the Southside SPCA. He was named Goose because he goosed everyone when he first met them.

He was very active and had reactive issues, so they began training in companion and performance sports.He has competed and titled in obedience, rally, dock diving, agility, and scent work.

“Scent work is by far his favorite dog sport, and he is ready anytime and anywhere to search. He has been known to bark at the gate steward and judge before starting as if to say, ‘I got this, let’s go,’” Sarah said.

He earned the AKC Scent Work Container Master Title on Oct. 27, 2019, at the Charlottesville Albemarle Kennel Club Trial with a first place.

On Feb. 22, 2020, Goose earned his Scent Work Exterior and Interior Master Titles at the Hampton Roads Obedience Training Club trials. He only needs his Buried Master Title to complete his 0verall Master title, and he has started competing for his Detective title.

Breezy of Kasson Rd SWE SCM SHDN TKP owned by Colleen Colenso of Tracy, CA

Colleen adopted Breezy from Wags & Whiskers Rescue in Modesto, CA, in November 2015. She was not actively looking for another dog, but a friend posted Breezy’s photo on Facebook and she couldn’t resist going to see her. Little was known about her as she was dropped off in the parking lot of the rescue.

Extremely frightened, it took the staff over an hour to catch her and bring her into the shelter. When Colleen went to see her, they bonded immediately, and Breezy got along well with her other dog, a Papillon.

Once she was in her new home, it was apparent that she was quite fearful and would not let others reach out to her without snapping at them.

“It has been a long road, helping her learn to trust other people and be comfortable in different situations,” Colleen said. “I had previously done a little training in scent work and thought it might be an avenue to help build her confidence. Boy, did it help build her confidence! From a fearful little dog, she has become a contender, earning 17 AKC Scent Work titles in two years. She has also earned AKC Trick Dog titles through the Performance level. Although she still faces many obstacles that distract or frighten her, she is a courageous little dog with a heart of gold and a nose for sniffing.”

Breezy earned her Scent Work Container Master Title at the NorCal Scent Work Trial on Nov. 9, 2019.

Congratulations also to these All American Dogs who have earned the SCM title: 

  • Bettcher’s Buddy SWE SCM SEM owned by Stephen Bettcher of Oakland, CA
  • Casey Sox OAP OJP SWE SCM SHDE TKA owned by Diane Sox of La Canada, CA
  • Heidel’s Cookie Cutter FDC ACT2 SWA SCM SIE SEE SHDN owned by Pat Heidel of Omro, WI
  • Kasey BN RE OA OAJ NF SWA SCM SEM SIE SHDN THD TKN owned by Debbie Goehring of Lodi, CA


  • Wookiee’s Favorite Things SWA SCM SIM SEE SHDE owned by Rachel Sutton of Boring, OR


  • Bettcher’s Buddy SWE SCM SEM owned by Stephen Bettcher of Oakland, CA
  • Miss Maya Mayhem NJP NFP ACT1 SWA SEM SCE SIE RATN owned by Sarah Christison of Davenport, IA
  • Kate’s Little Wagamuffin CDX PCD BN GN GO RN SWA SEM SCE owned by Kate Cowles and Brendan Holly of Coralville, IA


CT (Champion Tracker)

CT Ou Dream In The Thick Of It CGC TDX owned by Rebecca Kriz of Bonita, CA 

Mud is a 3-year-old Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix; his litter was an accidental cross between two working line dogs. He has always loved to explore and use his nose, Rebecca said.

When Mud was a puppy, Rebecca wanted to give him an outlet for this natural behavior, so she started tracking lessons with him. He is the first dog she has ever trained in this sport.

On Dec. 18, 2019, at the Agility Club of San Diego’s tracking test, Mud passed the TDX and finished his Champion Tracker title.

“The conditions were perfect, and after all our training and the previous two tests, I’ve come to understand how he works. Once more, we managed to pass the test on our first attempt.”

One year ago, at this same test, Mud passed his TD and he earned his VST in July 2019. They recently started lessons for Barn Hunt, and Mud also competes in agility and rally.

TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent)

MACH9 Trinity’s Carbon Copy TDX MXS3 PAD MJB3 PJD MFB TQX T2B2 SWN owned by Beth and John Elliott of Colorado SpringsCO 

“CC is the result of an oops between my husband’s Belgian Sheepdog and one of my Collies. As you can see from her titles, we focused a lot on agility, but when I decided to start her half-sister in tracking, I figured why not train CC too?” Beth said.

CC earned her TD in September 2016, and they continued training until they moved from Illinois to Colorado in 2018, where it took almost a year to find an instructor. Due to the rattlesnake issues in their new state, summer tends to be VST training only, so Beth thought it might be a good idea to go back to the Midwest to try for the TDX.

They went back a couple days early, put in a practice track at one of their old training sites to allow CC to reacclimate to the humidity and vegetation, then headed up to Wisconsin for the test.

“She worked hard at the changes in cover and was getting very tired towards the end, missing the last turn and fighting to find it. But once she did, she pulled me right to the glove. She will be 11 this spring, so I don’t know if a VST is in her future, but it is definitely a goal we are striving for!”

Trick Dog

TKE (Trick Dog Elite)

Willa Do It Right CGC TKE owned by Michelle Gamage of Fork Union, VA

Willa is a 3-year-old All American Dog, otherwise known as “Shy Dog Willa.” She was adopted at 4 months old and was always shy around people. Using trick training to build confidence, Willa is now able to perform for crowds doing the behaviors she loves and finds comfort doing.

She is a demo dog for manners, tricks and stunt dog classes, competes in stunt dog and rally, and dabbles in agility, treibball, disc, and scent work. Her favorite tricks are skateboard, paw on her nose, and hike your leg to fake “pee.”

Willa enjoys the outdoors; hiking, swimming, and playing fetch, as well as cuddling up in your lap for a good hug. She loves to train and learn new things and often puts her own creative twist on new behaviors. Willa has performed her tricks at large venues such as Richmond International Raceway and Purina Farms.

“Despite her shy nature, she has never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do it. When she finds her courage and confidence, she will surprise and amaze you, give you 110%, and steal your heart. You just have to be patient, positive, and understanding,” Michelle said.

Willa’s Trick Dog Elite title was earned to Dolly Parton’s song “9 to 5,” performing tricks related to the office: typing on the computer, answering the phone, eating lunch, going to the bank, getting the boss’s coffee, greeting clients, and signing for packages. At the end of the day, she grabs her purse and dances her way home.

Maya Newlin CGC TKE owned by Sarah Newlin of Big Rapids, MI

Maya is a 3-year-old German Shepherd/husky mix with lots of energy. When she was a puppy, Sarah quickly realized she needed to provide a job for her (or she would create her own), so they started trick training. She knows more than 100 behaviors including: limp, tidy up toys, close doors, pick up dropped objects, footsies, orbit, and retrieve the phone.

Maya earned all the AKC trick titles in one year and before turning 3 years old. On Oct. 7, 2019, Maya earned her Elite Performer Trick Dog Title at Riversbend Canine Academy in Big Rapids, MI, in front of a small audience.

Maya has performed tricks at Riversbend Animal Hospital’s open house, and she’s always ready for action when Sarah asks, “Want to do a trick?!” When not doing tricks, Maya enjoys hiking, running through the fields on the farm, and bird watching.

“Trick training has helped strengthen our bond and has inspired me to become a professional dog trainer. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us together!”

My Little Lucy THDA CGC TKE owned by Cheryl Kunkel of Golden, CO

Four-year-old Lucy is a natural trick dog. “She is silly, super smart, and loves to learn,” Cheryl said. “She even creates her own tricks during training sessions.”

Lucy is a member of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and she and Cheryl volunteer at nursing homes and the Denver International Airport. “Watching Lucy with people is like watching magic. It’s hard knowing that Lucy ‘s life almost never began,” Cheryl said.

6dogrees Rescue (based in Seattle) pulled Lucy’s pregnant mom from a California shelter and placed her in a foster home. Once mom and pups were old enough, they were moved to a Washington foster home. Lucy’s foster mom, Tammy, nurtured mom and pups until they were all adopted. “I am so very thankful for their unfailing devotion and love for animals,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl met Lucy when she was about 4 months old. They bonded immediately, started with a Puppy Confidence class and never looked back. Lucy earned her Trick Dog Performer Elite title on Oct. 26, 2019. “We were special guests at the women’s Bible study at our community church coffee shop. Our audience shared a lot of laughs with ‘Lucy’s First Day at the Circus.’ Many thanks to our filmmakers.

“Lucy constantly reminds me that love, patience, and commitment can work miracles. She is like God’s little mustard seed that’s quite tiny, but able to spread so much joy and love.”

Trick Dog Performer (TKP)

Congratulations to these All-American Dogs who have earned the TKP:

  • Icing On The Cake MX MXJ MJB OF CA CGCA TKP owned by Sara and Andrew Pinson of Atlanta, GA
  • Josie Jet Heffner TKP owned by Amy Hefner of Aptos, CA
  • Bug Heffner TKP owned by Amy Hefner of Aptos, CA
  • Daisy Anna TKP owned by Kimberly Middleton of Tucson, AZ
  • Ziva D. Of Wissota CDX PCDX BN GN RM3 RAE7 THDN FDCH RATN CGC TKP owned by Rexann Lemke of Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Neutrina TKP owned by Keiko Kircher of Champaign, IL
  • A Dog’s Journey To The Sea AX AXJ MXF T2B TKP owned by Astrid D. Smith of Layton, UT
  • Sazi BN RE CA BCAT CGCA CGCU TKPowned by Alison Fox of San Antonio, TX
  • Baby Vixen THDA CGC TKP owned by Dawn Kuras of Cape Coral, FL
  • Buddy Diffee TKP owned by Gary Diffee of Saint Louis, MO
  • Torcello Baird TKP owned by Joseph and Pam Baird of Seattle, WA
  • Ot’s Underwater Adventure CDX BN GO RE AX AXJ XF T2B TKP owned by Kat Brown of Landrum, SC
  • Cribbins’ Zoey BN RE SWA CGC TKE owned by Laura and Frederick Cribbins of Santa Clara, CA
  • Alyssa’s Blue Jeaned Wrangler CD BN RAE OA OAJ CGCA CGCU TKP owned by Alyssa Lanier and Jennifer Lanier of Ocklawaha, FL
  • Allie’s Haven’s D.J. Gator BN RI TKP owned byKathleen and Daniel Field of Fort Worth, TX
  • Bobbi Jo CDX RE TKP owned by Marlene Unke of Dousman, WI
  • My Special Valentine TKP owned by Miranda Rizzo of Kenai, AK
  • Ricky Plays The Fool RN CGC TKP owned by Jennifer Becker of Sarasota, FL
  • Rockin’ Kr Blue Flash Lightning CGCA TKP owned by Kirby McIlveen of Placentia, CA
  • Rockin’ Kr Red Raging Torch TKP owned by Kirby McIlveen of Placentia, CA
  • Chloe Thompson AX AXJ OF CGC TKPowned by Susan Thompson of Fargo, ND
  • Gumbo With Shrimp RN CGCA CGCU TKP owned by Hana Kim of Vancouver, WA
  • Ella Bella Of Frella RI CGCA CGCU TKP owned by Lisa Quibell of West Jordan, UT
  • Sam’s Ferris Wheel Ohhh Yeahhhh RA CA CGC TKP owned by Virginia Brophy of Sparta, MI
  • Oosterhouse’s Millie CGC TKP owned by Amy Oosterhouse of Saratoga, CA