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We have some big news to report about All-Americans succeeding at earning the top titles and honors in Agility, Coursing Ability, Fast CAT, Rally, Obedience, Scent Work, Tracking, and Trick Dog!


Agility Grand Championship (AGCH)

AGCH MACH6 Mister Tedley MXS2 PDS MJS2 PJD PJDP MFG TQX T2B6 ACT2 TKA owned by Kathy Crain of Madison, AL 

Teddy was from an unwanted litter, and when Kathy got him, she was told he was 6 weeks old. But during his first vet exam she was informed that he was only about 4 weeks old. He grew up to be rather shy and timid around other dogs and so Kathy looked for something he could do that would keep him active but give him the personal space that he needed to be comfortable. Agility was the perfect fit.

“Teddy overcame his humble beginnings, and 2023 was his year to shine,” Kathy said. He qualified for the nationals, came in seventh on the invitational list for All American Dogs, won three MACH titles (4, 5 and 6) and got his AGCH on Nov. 3 in Murfreesboro, TN. “He has become an awesome little dog, and I am very proud of him.”

AGCH PACH3 Nevada Cricket MXP11 MXPC PDSP MJP10 MJPC PJGP PAX3 MFPC TQXP T2BP8 owned by Flora Stefan of Silverlake, OR 

Cricket was 6 weeks old when she was found by a good Samaritan in the Winnemucca, Nevada desert with her mother and siblings. They ended up in the rescue Herduneededahome, founded by Flora, in Central Oregon.

Unlike her littermates, Cricket was quite shy as a puppy and overlooked. When potential adopters arrived, she hid, avoiding all people. “I have always picked the dogs no one else wants,” Flora said. “They always turn out to be the special ones.”

Some of her favorite past times are flying over jumps, agility, hiking, sleeping on the bed, kayaking, and swimming and leaping into Flora’s arms at the end of each of her agility runs. “Cricket became a treasure. I feel blessed to have this amazing dog in my life. She is my second Agility Grand Champion dog, teaching me to be the handler I am today.”

Master Agility Championship (MACH)

Congratulations to these dogs who have added more MACH titles to their names:

  • AGCH MACH11 Theodore Teddy Hill MXS3 PDS MJG3 PJS MFG TQX T2B5 owned by Priscilla Hill-Wampler & Jon Wampler of Newark, DE 
  • MACH8 Sachiko Lawn Dart MXS3 MJB3 XF T2B4 owned by Krisanne Crosby of North Chesterfield, VA 
  • AGCH MACH6 Mister Tedley MXS2 PDS MJS2 PJD PJDP MFG TQX T2B6 ACT2 TKA owned by Kathy Crain of Madison, AL 
  • MACH6 Abby Baker II MXG2 PAD MJG2 PJD MFB TQX T2B3 CGC owned by Jeanne Baker of Apex, NC
  • AGCH MACH6 Piper Pie Swanson MXC2 PDS MJB3 PJS MXP PADP MJP PJDP MFB2 TQX MFPB T2B10 FCAT3 CGC TKI FITG owned by Diane Swanson of San Antonio, TX 
  • AGCH MACH4 Finnigans Give Me A Little Wiggle Room MXB2 PDS MJB2 PJS MFG TQX T2B5 owned by Beth Bruno of Mount Laurel, NJ 
  • MACH3 Moka Douglas MXG MJC MFS TQX T2B3 CGC TKN owned by Margarita Douglas of Saint Petersburg, FL 
  • MACH3 Ann Perkins MXG PAD MJG PJD MXF T2B4 CGC TKN MACH3 owned by Chiaki Ito of Wilmington, NC
  • MACH3 Rayn’s Charmin Colors Of The Wynd MXG MJG NF owned by Sarah Dushane of Monroe, MI 
  • MACH2 Mr. Miles Henry MXS MJS MFB TQX T2B3 BCAT owned by Christine M. Longnecker of Erie, PA 
  • MACH2 Liz Lemon MXS PAD MJS PJD MFS TQX T2B2 CGC TKI owned by Eric Striepeck of Philadelphia, PA 
  • MACH2 Tuncil’s Murphy MXC MJG MXF TQX T2B2 owned by Barbara & Mike Tuncil of Belleville, IL 
  • MACH2 Pepper Of Pine Ridge MXG MJG MFB TQX T2B3 owned by Lila Bates of Panama City, FL 
  • MACH2 Anacapri MXS MJC XF owned by Julie Bartak of Thousand Oaks, CA 
  • MACH2 OP’s The Legend Lives On CD RM MXS MJS MFB TQX T2B CA owned by Alanna Lowry of Jacksonville, FL
  • MACH2 Boreland Chisum’s True Victory MXS MJG ACT2 CGC TKI owned by Stephanie Keck of Richmond, VA 
  • MACH2 Rye MXS MJB2 PJS MFB T2B SWN SCA SIA owned by Elizabeth Devore of Ashtabula, OH 
  • MACH2 Piper Ray MXS MJS PJD THDN CGC TKI owned by Chelsea B. Kardell of Papillion, NE 
  • MACH2 Bazinga! MXS MJS MXF T2B owned by Kristen Phillips of Burbank, IL 
  • MACH2 Fancy Pants Lance Man FDC MXS MJC NF T2B BCAT CGC TKN owned by Dana Ryan & Mike Erlanson of San Diego, CA 
  • MACH2 Katarina’s Little Muffin Cup MXB MJS TKN owned by Katarina Hanson & Kristina Hanson of Topeka, KS 
  • MACH2 Yaso MXG MJG owned by Sue Vold of Leavenworth, KS

Congratulations to these dogs on their first MACH titles:

MACH Gorman’s Athena MXS MJB MXF T2B owned by Diane Fairfax Gorman of St. Paul, MN

Athena is a 3-year-old rescue who survived Parvo and grew up to thrive as an agility competitor. She is Diane’s first agility dog. Diane decided to try the sport because Athena “loves to hop around the backyard like a bunny!” They both took to agility right away and have loved the whole process, learning together in practice and in trials while they grow as a team. They will make their first trip to the AKC NAC this March in Georgia.

“I look forward to many more years of agility with Athena, the best teammate and friend I could hope for,” Diane said.

Athena’s MACH was earned at a trial held at the On the Run Canine facility in Ham Lake, MN, on Oct. 22, 2023.

MACH RACH Whirley Whirlwind Wind Of Dorian VCD2 UDX OM1 BN GO VER RM3 RAE3 MXB MJB MXF T2B SWN SCA RATS TKI owned by Sue Kotlarek of Romulus, MI 

Sue got Whirley in September of 2019 after she was rescued from Hurricane Dorian in Florida where she was in a shelter at the time of the storm.

“They had to empty the shelters in case the hurricane hit and also, if the hurricane did not hit, there would be room for misplaced dogs. Michigan accepted 30 dogs. The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit took in six of these, and that is where we met Whirley,” Sue said. “She came with the name of Whirlwind, and it fits her to a T! She is a natural at everything we do.”

“I would like to add that this is my first MACH dog ever!”

MACH Sky Robertson RN MXB MJS owned by Kristen Robertson of St. Peters, MO

Sky is a 6-year-old English Shepherd, and she is Kristen’s first agility dog. They obtained their first MACH in November 2023 in Kansas City, MO, on their first solo out-of-town trip and the first time they trialed at that facility.

Kristen and Sky also qualified for the AKC NAC 2024, in Perry, GA in March. After overcoming weave pole and contact challenges for a year, they have been placing in Premier classes and are on their way to MACH2. “Seeing the look on her face at the end of each run is priceless,” Kristen said. “Sky smiles so big because she knows that she is getting cheese balls. She will do anything for cheeseballs, so they are her special reward for agility.”

In December 2017, Kristen and her husband had a dog pass away and she wasn’t yet ready for another. But two weeks later on Christmas, her husband surprised her at work with Sky. He got her from a small farm in a small town.

Kristen knew that Sky would need a job. She earned her first title, in rally, when she was 9 months old, but it wasn’t quite the right sport for her. Kristen thought that agility would be a good, active sport and learned that it was prevalent around St. Louis.

It turned out to be a fit. “Agility makes her think and the harder the course is the better she does. She is one smart, bossy, stubborn, talkative girl,” Kristen said. “We were determined to get through our challenges and make it to our ultimate goal, our MACH.” But they achieved something even more special that Kristen never thought was possible: qualifying for Nationals and “having a special bond, that only we can have. I remember watching dogs run master courses when we first started out six years ago and how amazing it was. Now here I am with my Novice A dog, Sky.”

MACH Pcr’s Little Man Tater MXB MJB MXF ACT1 owned by Trixie Rufft of Milton, DE 

Trixie adopted Tater, a mix of mostly Australian Cattle Dog, during the pandemic on April 23, 2020, from PetConnect Rescue in Maryland. She was surfing Petfinder when his looks caught her eye. Immediately, she wrote to his foster for more information, expressly asking if she thought he might be good at agility. The foster thought he would be perfect for an active home, was very smart and at 18 months old, a very good age to start training.

Because of the pandemic, there was only training online at first. Trixie signed up for several classes and they trained at home. When summer came, outdoor agility classes were finally offered. “I couldn’t have asked for a better place to train and take seminars than Blue Heron Agility of Delaware,” Trixie said.

Trixie explained Tater’s name. “Most people assume he’s named after a potato. Wrong! ‘Tater’ is baseball slang for a home run. It was a term used often by the announcers for the Washington Nationals, of which we are fans. He is definitely my home run dog.”

Tater’s MACH journey began in May of 2021 in Delaware, and he earned his MACH on Nov. 18, 2023, at the Saguaro Scramblers trial in Tucson, AZ. “Nothing of any value comes easy,” Trixie said, “and Tater and I have worked very hard to achieve this honor and I couldn’t be prouder of him. I look forward to more agility fun and challenges with him at my side.”

MACH Menmy Shades Of Magic RI FDC MXB XF BCAT ACT1 ACT2J SWN CGCA CGCU TKA VHMP VSWI FITG owned by Heather Venkat of Surprise, AZ 

At just 3 years old, Lyla earned her MACH on Nov 18, 2023, with the Saguaro Scramblers Agility Club in Tucson, Arizona. A Border Collie/Papillon mix, she is Heather’s second agility dog, and the first one she’s trained from puppyhood to competition.

Heather makes sure training is fun for Lyla, which translates to the competition field. No matter how they do, they celebrate the end of their runs together. “It’s a blast running with Lyla,” Heather said. “You can clearly tell she loves the game of agility and takes it seriously.” From the moment they stepped onto the agility field together, Heather knew she had an ‘old soul’ on her hands. “I don’t have to practice much with Lyla, we will do something a few times and she gets it!” Lyla quickly rose the ranks from her first Novice Q in January 2022, to her first QQ in August 2022, to 20 QQs 16 months later.

This is the first MACH for both Lyla and Heather. They have big plans to eventually reach the AGCH (Agility Grand Champion) title and are well on their way with 90 out of 450 qualifying runs already. Heather enjoys the challenge of the Premier courses, and distance work in FAST with a smaller dog. They also compete in Scent Work, FastCAT, Rally, and other AKC events together.

MACH Lady Wishbone Parkman MXB MJS MFB TQX T2B3 CGC TKN owned by Valerie Parkman of Fort Worth, TX 

Wishbone is a 5-year-old Aussie mix. Valerie got her as an 8-week-old puppy and when she trotted over and jumped into Valerie’s lap, she knew they were destined to be together.

She enjoys agility, is patient, loyal, attentive, and loves to cuddle. She has corrected Valerie’s handling errors. “When my words are the wrong instructions, she knows what I meant to say,” Valerie said. “She has also stopped and waited for me to recall the next obstacle when I forgot. She leaves all the bars up in the ring, so far. Wishbone is a one-in-a million partner.”

They started competitive agility training March 17, 2022. “Wishbone learns our fun lessons much faster than I do. It is a blessing to run with this phenomenal friend. She is the ideal companion who happens once in a lifetime.”

Wishbone earned her MACH at the Bell County Kennel Club trial in Belton, TX on Nov. 19, 2023.

Photo by Mark Fletcher 

MACH Rhett Butlers Love Boat MXB MJB XF T2B DCAT CGC TKI owned by Shay Ouellette of Centerville, MA 

Rhett is a 10-year-old All American Dog who hasn’t let his age slow him down. He loves agility, FastCAT, and visiting patients at rehab centers and other venues as a therapy dog.

On Nov. 25, 2023, he earned his MACH at the Thanksgiving Cluster in West Springfield, MA. It was the cluster’s 25th year anniversary, making the day more special as he and Shay were surrounded by many friends and fellow dog lovers.

As a rescue dog, Rhett truly has a love for life and brings joy to all he meets. Some of his favorite things are beach walks while catching Cape Cod sunsets, walking conservation trails looking for squirrels or ducks, going on creek floats in the summer and burrowing under the covers for snuggle sessions.

MACH Iamruger MXB MJB OF T2B owned by Sandy & Jeff Floyd of Parker, TX 

Ruger is a happy, friendly 7-year-old Aussie mix, living his best life in Parker, TX with horses, cows, cats and four other dogs. He loves agility with Sandy. They started taking classes in 2018 and practiced in their yard with a few pieces of homemade equipment. They participated in some fun matches, and Sandy volunteered at trials to learn more about the world of agility.

When Sandy felt brave enough to compete, she and Ruger “jumped in with two feet and four paws!” Ruger’s two-year MACH journey took them through AKC trials across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. He was always up for a challenge, whether it was indoors on turf or outdoors in a horse arena.

His energy and athleticism helped Ruger get his first MACH on Oct. 8, 2023, at the Den Tex Agility trial in McKinney, TX. Sandy cried and Ruger barked as they made their celebratory lap. “I never dreamed we could achieve anything like this,” Sandy said. “It was a big victory and I know it would not have been possible without all the hardworking people behind the scenes who supported Team Ruger from day one.”

In his spare time, Ruger likes to visit hospitals and college campuses as a therapy dog. He also likes hiking in the mountains and playing in the snow.

He is headed to the AKC NAC in Perry, GA, in March.

MACH Winston Wells MXB PAD MJB MFB TQX T2B2 owned by Jeffrey & Kristen Wells of San Antonio, TX 

During the ‘Great Freeze’ in Texas during February 2021, Winston was a puppy living in a ditch on the south side of San Antonio. Jeff read a neighborhood post about this black dog living in a ditch, and in single digit temperatures in South Texas, decided to the make the trek on icy roads to the south side.

Right away, Winston jumped into Jeff’s arms, and the rest was history. After healing and gaining his health, Winston showed great athleticism. Jeff had never practiced agility, but after seeing the AKC National Agility Championship on ESPN, he thought Winston might enjoy it. Jeff ordered a book and began teaching Winston in the backyard using PVC pipe, cones, and other homemade obstacles. In February 2022, without access to a training facility, Jeff decided the only way for Winston to practice contact obstacles was to enter a trial. He entered Winston in the Alamo Brittany Club trial.

Winston Q’d on his first run, but the hysteria quickly subsided as Jeff’s training deficiencies were obvious through the rest of the weekend. Catherine Laria and Debbie Moore promptly reached out and began training Jeff and Winston. Very quickly Winston understood exactly what was expected of him, and he began to excel. It took a little longer for Jeff to understand, but after many falls and bloopers, Winston reached the Masters level by late 2022.

On Dec. 9, 2023, at Top Dog Training Center, Winston earned his MACH. “Still just 3 years old, he’s more than halfway to his second MACH, just a few months later,” Jeff said. In addition to his agility career, Winston, in January 2023, was featured by name in a movie called ‘In the Shadows of War,’ about a street dog adopted by US soldiers in Iraq. “He is a special boy and the true definition of an All American Underdog!”

Congratulations also to these dogs for earning their first MACH titles:

  • MACH Valeria Richards Yacnamara MXB MJS MFB T2B2 owned by John Yackel of Mayfield Heights, OH 
  • MACH Tully Wully MXB MJB XF ACT2 ACT2J TKI owned by Carla J. Rash of Plainville, CT
  • MACH Abu Of West Village MXB MJB OF owned by Randall & Paul Keenan of Jupiter, FL 
  • MACH Nippet Of Endor MXB MJB owned by Lisa Sponsler of Carmel, IN 
  • MACH Queen Amidala II MXS MJS ACT2 owned by Melissa Bisesti of Highlands, NJ 
  • MACH Ellie Kochiss MXB MJB owned by Brittany Kochiss of Trumbull, CT 
  • MACH Ontarget’s Born To Be Rebel MXB MJB NF T2B owned by Gosia Skowron of Salt Lake City, UT 

Preferred Agility Championship (PACH)

Congratulations to these dogs on adding more PACH titles to their names:

  • AGCH PACH9 Marcie Newport Thomas RI FDC MXP23 MXPB3 PDSP MJP25 MJPS3 PJSP PAX9 MFPG TQXP T2BP10 SCN SBN THDN CGCA TKA owned by Jennifer Thomas of Sheridan, AR 
  • PACH7 2fs Fisher Dog MXP17 MXPG2 MJP21 MJPC2 PAX7 T2BP SWE SCM SHDA TKA owned by Julie & Nathan Free of Inola, OK 
  • AGCH MACH6 PACH2 Riley’s Jesse MXS2 PDS MJS2 PJS MXP6 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2 MFC TQX MFPB TQXP T2B8 T2BP2 FCAT3 CGC TKA owned by Carol Riley of San Antonio, TX 
  • PACH3 Beverlys Trooper MXP12 MXPC MJP14 MJPB2 PAX3 MFPG TQXP T2BP5 owned by Beverly Silverman of Henderson, NV 
  • PACH3 Minewfie Scout Booth MXP12 MXPB2 MJP14 MJPB2 PAX3 T2BP5 CGC owned by David & Janice Booth of Dekalb, IL 
  • MACH6 PACH3 Gretzky The Great One depup MXC2 PAD MJC2 MXP7 MXPG MJP10 MJPC PAX3 MXF MFP T2B BCAT ACT1 SWN SCA SIA SEA CGC TKA owned by Maria Sutjiamin of Lombard, IL 
  • PACH3 Sandy’s Zoe MXP8 MXPG MJP9 MJPG PAX3 owned by Sandy Angelone of Conway, PA 
  • PACH3 Smith’s Dream Girl Greta BN RN OA OAJ MXP14 MXPB2 MJP12 MJPB2 PAX3 OF NFP T2BP TKN owned by Cindy Robertson Smith & Michael Smith of Palmetto Bay, FL
  • AGCH PACH3 Nevada Cricket MXP11 MXPC PDSP MJP10 MJPC PJGP PAX3 MFPC TQXP T2BP8 owned by Flora Steffan of Silverlake, OR 
  • PACH2 Jim Bear Rigney MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2 XFP TKI owned by Jennifer & Jason Rigney of Nashville, TN
  • MACH2 PACH2 Teddi Bear II MXB MJG MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PJDP PAX2 MFPS TQXP T2BP4 owned by Linda Griffin-Keliher of Belleair, FL
  • PACH2 Mr Gustavo MXP8 MXPG MJP8 MJPG PAX2 MFP T2BP3 CGC TKN owned by Cathy Bisset of Merrimack, NH

Congratulations to these dogs on their first PACH titles:

MACH PACH Sir Twitch A Lot MXB PAD MJB PJD MXPB MJPB PAX XF owned by Brenna Flowers of La Grange, KY 

Twitch is a 9-year-old All-American who was found as a stray. Brenna met him when he was 6 months old and immediately set up a day to get to know him. After just a few hours she knew she needed this sweet boy in her life. “I never imagined the places he would take me,” she said.

They were both bitten by the agility bug on the night of their first class. Twitch progressed quickly through Novice and Open, leaving them a very new team to take on Excellent/Masters. “Luckily, Twitch knew more than I did, and he was so patient with me while I worked to catch up,” Brenna said. In their third year of trialing, they tried the Premier classes. Brenna was shocked at just how much Twitch loved them. “He truly seems to know just from the jump setup if it’s Master or Premier.”

On March 17, 2022, he earned his MACH, just two weeks before the pair would attend their second nationals. Soon after the 2022 nationals, Twitch finished his Premier titles at 20-inches. Then began his 16-inch Preferred career so he could keep playing the game he loves for as long as he can.

Through their years of training, Brenna has learned numerous things from Twitch including how not to take life too seriously. “Twitch has a lot of unique medical conditions, including an imperfect heart, though you’d never know it for how much heart he has for me and agility,” she said. He earned his PACH on Oct. 14, 2023, at the ACSI trial in New Albany, IN after just a year and a half in the preferred class. “Being my Novice A dog, he has set the bar impossibly high in and out of the ring!”

PACH Weebo MXP3 MXPB MJPB PAX T2BP owned by Sheri Boone of Mason, OH 

One day, Sheri came into the League for Animal Welfare shelter to volunteer, and there was Weebo. She is confident that he chose her, as she was not looking for a dog at the time. But Weebo had a different plan. His good looks and vibrant personality drew her in, and she soon realized that he had chosen her as his companion. “Weebo is a very confident and curious dog, stimulated by his environment and everyone he meets,” Sherie said. “He is a fan favorite wherever we go.”

“Weebo is a lot of dog in a 40-pound body and does everything with 200% enthusiasm,” Sheri said. Their motto, “Never Give Up,” guides them through every training session and behavior hurdle. They embrace every challenge as an opportunity to grow together.

Agility has been a great outlet for Weebo. “Some people told me that I could never do it with this dog, but their negativity was our motivation,” Sheri said. “I always knew he was a champion. I am super proud of Weebo earning his PACH at the end of 2023.”

“We are having a great adventure together and I love this dog more than anyone can imagine! I love being a part of team Weebo.”

Congratulations also to these dogs on earning their first PACH:

  • AGCH MACH7 PACH Everlasting’s Matilda CD BN RE MXG2 PDS MJG2 PJG MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MFC TQX MFP TQXP T2B6 T2BP DCAT owned by Elizabeth Powell of Evansville, IN 
  • PACH Piper Rasmussen AX AXJ MXP4 MXPB MJP6 MJPS PAX OF MFP T2B ACT2 CGC owned by Denise Rasmussen of Earlham, IA 
  • PACH True Terrier Among Us MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX NFP owned by Jordyn Baker of North Yarmouth, ME 
  • PACH Rotorhead’s Sprocket Wrench MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX NFP CA CGC TKN owned by Christie Latour of Apple Valley, CA 
  • PACH Emerald May BN RN MX MXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX NFP T2BP CGC owned by Nancy Lech of Glen Allen, VA 
  • PACH Oak Hills Mystery RN AX AXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP5 MJPS PAX OF MFPB T2BP2 SWA SCE TKN ATT owned by Dianne Gabel of Lewisberry, PA 
  • PACH Abcr Maximus MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX NFP ACT2 owned by Patricia Nance of Lakeside, CA 
  • MACH PACH Keating’s Zoey MXB MJB MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX MFB CA SWE CGC TKN owned by Patti Keting of Fullerton, CA
  • PACH Jethro X AX OAJ MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF CGC TKN VSWI FITB owned by Sherry Kelly of Bakersfield, CA 

Coursing Ability 

Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX)

Hydeout’s Shamus CAX FCAT7 DM AS HDS owned by Kay McDonald of Inman, SC 

Shamus began running FastCAT in October 2022. He loved it, so Kay entered him in a Coursing Ability Test (CAT) in the second event they attended that same month. He loves both events and in CAT, once Kay lets him go after the lure, he stays right on it for the full 600 yards. Shamus earned his CAX in Camden, SC, on Nov. 19, 2023. At the end of 2023 he was ranked the fifth fastest medium-sized All American Dog in FastCAT and they attended the Invitationals in December.

When Shamus isn’t playing CAT and FastCAT, he is working. He has a job with Bed Bug Detection K9s in Inman, SC, and is a certified bed bug detection canine through the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO). He also enjoys dock diving and agility. He lives with three other dogs.

Bad And Beaugie CAX DCAT TKN owned by Katherine Ball of Cumming, GA 

Beau is a 7-year-old mix of “many things” who came to Katherine as a foster when she was in college, and he never left. They didn’t start competing in dog sports until he was 5 years old, but he’s extremely driven and enthusiastic about anything she enters him in. He continues to advance in dock diving, air retrieve, FastCAT and coursing ability tests. He earned his CAX at the Winter Wonderland Cluster in Perry, GA, on Dec. 12, 2023.

Congratulations also to these dogs on earning their first CAX titles:

  • Molly Jarvis RE FDC CAX FCAT2 RATCH CGCU TKN owned by Connie Jarvis of Scio, OR
  • Boo’s Gift Of A Raven Fis CAX FCAT2 ACT1 ACT1J FITB owned by Jo Beth Britt of Vicksburg, MS 

More CAX

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more CAX titles:

  • Zoey Furiously Happy RA CAX6 FCAT7 CGC TKN owned by Pam Buswell of Gorham, ME
  • Lacy Leigh AX AXJ XF CAX2 FCAT8 SWE SCM SBM CGC TKN owned by Maria Barton of Newport News, VA
  • Shannon XI CAX2 FCAT7 SWA SENE owned by Lori & John Stephenson of Manassas, VA
  • DMT’s Christmas In Dixie FDC CAX10 FCAT42 CGCA CGCU TKP FITG owned by Danny Terry of Eclectic, AL
  • Siendo’s Rockymountain Np CAX2 FCAT3 owned by Kirbie Pearl Allen of Tupelo, MS


AKC ranks the fastest dogs of each breed in Fast CAT. Congratulations to the top five fastest All American Dogs in each height division! The speed shown is an average of the dog’s three top speeds for the season up to February 23, 2024:

Below 12 inches:

1 Michelada BCAT 25.28
2 Toni Bennett FDC DCAT CGC TKE FITS 23.59
3 A&S Skeeter BCAT 22.95
4 Daisy Of Licorice FCAT2 22.59
5 Sara’s City Of Ember DCAT CGCA CGCU TKA FITS 21.72

12 inches up to 18 inches:

1 This Girl Is On Fire AX MXJ OF CA FCAT4 RATN 31.28
3 Seriously No Doubt CAX FCAT9 29.22
4 Star Spangled Shagalicious DCAT 26.83
5 Rowdy Rebel Foss BCAT 25.72

18 inches or greater:

1 Lalalala Lola 29.66
2 Kay Landry CA BCAT 28.49
3 Telahkenasi Piakwinaa FDC BCAT CGC 28.16
4 Acchen Kitty Kat 27.77


Rally Championship (RACH)

RACH Brook Trail’s Pied Piper CDX RM5 RAE3 CGCA TKI owned by Catherine O’Hara of Concord, MA 

2023 was a big year for Piper. She earned her CDX on Feb. 11, 2023, and went on to earn her RACH on Oct. 15, 2023, in Amherst, NH. “Our RACH journey was quite an adventure,” Catherine said. She is “beyond proud” of her teammate and excited to continue working with her toward their UD title and to more rally competition.

RACH Coco’s Sparky RM3 RAE2 owned by Jean-Marie Schaardt of Manahawkin, NJ 

Sparky’s story began in early 2013 when he was born in a Tennessee shelter. That April he, along with his mother and littermates, were transported to a New Jersey rescue group. The puppies, including Sparky, were all adopted immediately. Their 7 ½-year-old mother, Coco, was adopted by Jean. Jean and Coco went on to a great career – Coco earned her CDX, RAE, and Therapy Dog titles. She passed away in 2020.

Sparky had not been so lucky. By the end of 2020, he was back in rescue at almost 8 years old. His first eight years were hard, and he was averse and reactive to being touched by people. Thanks to the identification microchip implanted by the original rescue group, he was returned to them by a shelter. But he was difficult to place. Jean was contacted, and she decided to adopt Coco’s puppy.

The first six months were rough, as Sparky wanted little to do with Jean. But patience and love won out. They started training together. Jean decided novice-level Rally would be safe, as it’s on leash. Sparky loved it and excelled.

In October 2023, less than three years after being adopted and now 10 years old, Sparky earned his Rally Championship at the Lower Camden County Dog Training Club Rally Trial in Lindenwold, NJ.

RACH Georgie Payne RM4 RAE3 FDC CGCA TKI owned by Sharon Payne of Flint Hill, VA

Sharon got Georgie, now almost 7 years old, as a rescue when he was a very young puppy. She thinks he may be a Golden Retriever mix. She has had rescue dogs for years, but Georgie is the first dog she participated with in training classes and competitions. Some friends took classes at a local dog training school and suggested that she enroll Georgie in the AKC Canine Partners program and join them.

Georgie completed the AKC STAR Puppy class and got the Farm Dog, CGC, Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles. Rally training started in 2018. “We climbed the learning curve together,” Sharon said. “Georgie is a very generous dog with a sense of humor, and we have had very good instructors.”

He was awarded his RACH at the Catoctin Kennel Club trial on Nov. 30, 2023. In his off time, Georgie watches AKC Agility on TV, and his favorite activities are eating and wallowing in puddles.

RACH Snickers Gee Hagans RM6 RAE3 CGCA TKA owned by Valerie Hagans of Stedman, NC 

When Valerie brought Snickers home from the shelter, she was a timid pup. They began basic obedience classes in hopes of building her confidence and with training, patience, and hard work, her sweet personality emerged.

That training led Valerie and Snickers to the world of dog sports and on Dec. 12, 2017, they entered their first Rally competition. “As my Novice A dog, Snickers taught me so much about training, competition, and perseverance,” Valerie said. Their journey was long and filled with lots of ups and downs and there were many times Valerie did not believe that they would achieve the goal of earning a RACH. But she encountered amazing people along the way who supported and encouraged her.

“I am thankful for Snickers and her sweet and nutty personality. I could not have asked for a better companion to take this journey with and look forward to whatever new adventure lies ahead,” Valerie said.

Snickers, now 12 years old, earned her RACH on Oct. 28, 2023, at the Cape Fear Dog Training Club in Fayetteville, NC.

RACH Mr. Toby CD PCD BN RM3 RAE2 NAP NJP THD CGC TKA owned by Lynda Hardison of Arlington, TX

Mr. Toby was a 1-year-old rescue when he was adopted by Lynda in December 2018. He had several months of shelter life under his belt and although he seemed to join the household easily, it took him months to relax. But with the relaxation, his severe anxiety became apparent. His rally, agility, and obedience training and competition had to be put on hold. A trainer helped Lynda reach out during COVID to a behavioral veterinarian.

Toby has come a long way. “He does have to take medication for anxiety, and we will never make the choice to attend Rally nationals, although Mr. Toby has been invited several times. Our trainer has said that if they could helicopter Toby into a ring at Nationals, he would do great!” Lynda said. In addition to achieving the RACH, Toby and Lynda are working on a Rally Choice title. They are also working on his CDX in obedience, and Toby has Novice titles in agility and his TKA. “He loves to train and work, with his favorite treats being hot dogs and cheese sticks. Plus, he loves to chase squirrels with his sister, Sophie.”

One of the best things in Toby’s life is that he is a therapy dog. He goes weekly to an elementary school to work with students who are struggling in some way and attends other events occasionally. He is a joy to be around and has always loved people of all ages.

Toby achieved his RACH under Judge Mary Swindell (it was her first RACH) at the Lone Star Dog Obedience Club event held in Pilot Point, TX on November 4, 2023.


Congratulations also to these dogs on earning their RACH titles:

  • RACH Billi Jo RM3 RAE4 owned by Sharon M. Wiese of Rhinelander, WI 
  • RACH Frick’s Virginia Old Time Boy CD PCD BN GN RM4 RAE3 RC CGC owned by Teresa & George Frick of Gordonsville, VA 
  • RACH Pappas’ Jack RM2 RAE3 owned by Holly Pappas of Milford, NH 
  • AGCH MACH5 PACH RACH Shani Of Ingleside UD BN RM2 RAE2 MXS2 PAD MJC2 PJD MXP3 MXPB MJPB PAX MFB TQX MFPB T2B4 TKI owned by Valerie Dietz of O’ Fallon, IL 
  • RACH Thumbelina’s Happily Ever After CD BN RM6 RAE2 NAP NJP CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Tracy Hughes of Fort Worth, TX 

Congratulations to this dog on adding another RACH to his name:

  • RACH2 Tightline’s Digging For Success CDX PCDX BN RM6 RAE5 FCAT3 CGCA CGCU TKA VHMA owned by Debbie Scepanski of Sussex, WI 


Utility Dog (UD) 

RACH Just Dill With It UD GO VER RM2 RAE2 NA NAJ NF BCAT CGCA owned by Susan Staffeld of Beebe, AR 

Pickle was 14 months old when she was rehomed with Susan, a month before COVID hit. Susan calls her a “faux retriever” because everyone, including judges, thinks she’s a Golden Retriever. But Pickle turned out to be an Irish Setter and Great Pyrenees mix: red and white make gold!”

COVID ruined Susan’s early training and competition plans for Pickle, but that did not stop her from big accomplishments. Pickles is up for anything Susan throws her way, with titles in FastCAT, agility, obedience, even earning her RACH. Pickle’s favorite sports are FastCAT and agility, but Susan has “found the absolute joy in obedience. As we learn to work as a team Pickle is enjoying it more and more.”

Pickle earned her Utility Dog title with the Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club on Oct. 13, 2023. She did so in style, with their highest score ever in obedience and third place in a large, competitive Utility B class, and a UDX leg.

“We owe our success to our dog sport family and instructors at Little Rock Dog Training Club and the support of my family and friends, especially my always-supportive boyfriend and Pickle’s dad, Donnie,” Susan said. “I didn’t realize the amount of work it takes to get to this level of obedience until we got here, and there’s no way we could have done this without all of them.”

Kane’s Sawyer UD PCDX GN GO RE owned by Stacie Kane of Avondale, AZ 

Sawyer was a young puppy when he was rescued as a stray from the streets of Tucson, AZ, in 2014.

“He is one of the kindest dogs I have had the privilege to own, and he has helped raise three other rescues,” Stacie said. “Needless to say, he has always been eager to learn and a breeze to train. I could not have asked for a better obedience partner.”

Sawyer earned his UD on Oct. 22, 2023, at the Greenspring Poodle Club trial in Beltsville, MD.

MACH Doodle Myah UD BN RE MXS MJB XF ACT2 CGC TKA owned by Bonnie Rykiel of Grant Park, IL 

Myah, soon to be 9 years old, came into the Rykiels’ lives when she was 8 weeks old. She was an energetic, playful, and active puppy. Bonnie never thought that she would calm down but Myah he has proven her wrong. They do everything together. “Myah is always by my side and is the reason why I stay active,” Bonnie said.

Through the years, Myah has earned titles in obedience, agility, rally, trick dog, and Canine Good Citizen. She and Bonnie are active in obedience and agility, going to trials in Illinois and Florida. On April 29, 2023, Myah received her Agility MACH. “It wasn’t easy, but we did it!”

Bonnie is amazed by Myah’s smarts and her scent discrimination skills. She accomplished her Utility Title within four trials with impressive scores of 196 ½, 196 ½ and 195 points, finishing the title on Nov. 5, 2023, at the Glenbard All Breed Obedience Club trial.

“I am so blessed to have her,” Bonnie said. “I am thankful for my trainers and friends who have helped us. I am also grateful that AKC has allowed mixed breeds to show in their sporting events. Myah and I love training, showing, and socializing at these events. It’s our hobby and we love it!”

Congratulations also to these dogs for earning their UD titles:

  • I’M All Ears UD CGC owned by Cari Ann Bracken of Hadley, PA 
  • Augustus Ghering UD BN RE CGC TKI UD owned by Deborah Ghering of Caldwell, NJ 
  • Pote UD PCD BN RAE CGC owned by Susan Lindsey of Mogadore, OH 
  • Caleb Gossett UD BN RI CGC TKI owned by Diane Gossett of Dallas, TX 

Scent Work

Scent Work Detective 

Wookiee’s Favorite Things RE SWD SWM SHDM owned by Rachel Sutton of Aurora, CO 

Wookiee is a 12-year-old Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever cross, raised by Rachel from puppyhood for a non-profit assistance dog organization. She was too energetic and overly social to be a service dog, so Rachel adopted her. She is Rachel’s “party girl.” Wookiee loves everyone, especially children, and is a retired therapy dog. She has brought joy to countless people, and her favorite therapy job was at a week-long camp for kids with cancer.

Wookiee loves training and brings enthusiasm to everything she does. She has competed in agility, scent work, tricks, and rally. Wookiee was 7 years old when she and Rachel started competing in AKC Scent Work in May 2018, and she earned her Scent Work Master title in May 2021, then her Master Handler Discrimination title in August 2021. In October 2023, she earned her Detective title with three Q’s at the Mountain States Dog Training Club in Aurora, CO.

Sir Bindi FDC DCAT SWD SWME SHDM CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Sharee Newman of Omaha, NE 

Bindi has been using his nose in scent work since he was 2 years old. His journey began with an introductory class at the local dog club, where Sharee was captivated by dogs’ remarkable ability to find odor. “It’s such an honor to observe your partner and read his communication in a search; a constant learning process,” Sharee said.

Over the course of six years, Bindi has earned numerous ribbons, awards, and honors. In October 2023, they were awarded the Scent Work Detective title at the Iowa City Dog Obedience Club.

Bindi has also dabbled in Agility, Rally, Barn Hunt, and FastCAT. He has Farm Dog Certification and holds Canine Good Citizen Titles, including the Urban Canine (CGCU) as well as the Community Canine (CTCA). Bindi loves Barn Hunt and has his RATN, RATO, RATS and CZ8S.

“We look forward to more challenges and more joyful searches together,” Sharee said.

Congratulations also to these dogs on earning their SWD titles:

  • Heidel’s Cookie Cutter FDC ACT2 SWD SWME SHDN owned by Pat Heidel of Omro, WI 
  • Maya Healing Our Hearts SWD SWM owned by Holly & James Bushard of Moose Lake, MN


Tracking Dog (TD) 

Diquollo’s Super Girl CDX BN RM TD BCAT SWA SCE SIE SEE SHDN TKN owned by Ashley Tripodi & TJ Diquollo of Colts Neck, NJ 

Ashley and TJ adopted Summer in 2016 when she was 3 months old. Ashley had had Irish Setters (she has been involved in conformation for 29 years), but after her last boy passed away, she was too heartbroken to get another. But she and TJ fell in love with Summer as soon as they saw her picture.

In 2018, she decided to give obedience a try, and Summer is Ashley’s Novice A dog in performance sports. “We have met a lot of great people who have pushed us into a lot of the other sports, including tracking,” Ashley said. “Summer has been the absolute best partner I could have during this journey.” They earned the TD at Lenape Tracking Club of Central New Jersey’s test on Oct. 8, 2023, in Pittstown, NJ. “She was dead on her track, even with the distraction of critters in the tall grass!”

Since earning the TD, Ashley and Summer have been training for the TDX. Summer has also earned her CDX in Obedience, RM in Rally and is competing in Master level elements in Scent Work. They are also training for Agility. “She is always so eager to learn and work, keeping me on my toes, and she has made me a better trainer. I love watching her work at the higher levels and cannot wait to see how far we can go,” Ashley said.

Sir Rocco Star The First TD SWM CGC TKE FITB owned by Karen & Pontus Weibull of Saline, MI 

Rocco is a poodle mix who was “born to sniff,” Karen said. “His nose has been glued to the ground since the day we got him.” She and Pontus found that dog sports were a good outlet for his endless puppy energy. He earned his Master Scent Work title in October 2023, and the following week he earned his TD in Lansing, MI, with the Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing. When he is not sniffing, he is working on obedience and agility.

Congratulations also to these dogs on earning their TD titles:

  • Bobo Jones TD CA owned by Cheryl Ostrander of Riverside, CA 
  • Schooner Richards RA TD FDC DCAT SWN SIA RATS DM DS AM HDS CGCA CGCU TKA ATT VHMA VSWI FITS owned by Danielle Richards of San Diego, CA 

Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)

Congratulations to these dogs on earning the TDX title:

  • Sir William 1 TDX owned by Gina Baker of Hinsdale, NY 
  • Fluffy Doofus Face RN TDX CGC owned by Karri Klawiter of Dewitt, MI 

Trick Dog

Trick Dog Elite Performer (TKE)

Testing of this truly elite trick dog level requires the dog to perform 10 tricks with at least five props and there must be a story. Congratulations to these All American Dogs who have earned the TKE:

Be Bold Deoiridh Misha CGCA TKE owned by Rosalind Hussong & KI L Bird of Eureka, CA 

Misha was born in June 2022 and is recognized by the Old Time Scotch Collie organization. She qualified for the 2023 AKC National Trick Dog National Competition; she knows about 120 tricks and understands more than 100 words.

She earned all of her Trick Dog titles at a lightning pace. She will be attending her first agility trial this spring, followed by rally competitions this summer.

“She enjoys living on our ranch and looking after her French Bulldog ‘little brother.’ Around the ranch Misha is an excellent surveillance dog, alerting to any and all changes in her environment,” Rosalind said. “One of her special skills is locating other animals in distress, such as injured birds, rodents, and weasels. She is a pleasure to take to the beach because she is friends with every dog she meets. She is great off leash on hikes and foraging for mushrooms and has an excellent recall.”

Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

Brutus Paul Prell-Kubasiak BCAT DS DJ CGCA TKE FITG owned by Sarah Elizabeth Prell of Battle Creek, MI

Brutus is a Rottweiler/Golden Retriever mix, born on Feb. 13, 2020. Sarah got him as a 6-week-old puppy. With Sarah, he has already had a career full of accomplishments.

He obtained his Elite Performers Trick title on Sept. 18, 2023, at the Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing. Brutus has also been the baseball bat retrieval dog for the Battle Creek Battle Jacks baseball team for the past three summers and has completed therapy dog training. He frequently visits retirement communities to perform tricks and agility, then enjoys lots of scratches and belly rubs from the residents. Brutus has also been in multiple pet food advertisements and has filmed a music video out of Chicago that is yet to be released.

Brutus enjoys running races with Sarah, such as the AKC Turkey Trot 5K every year. He is also the four-time reigning champion of his local Home Run Dog Park Halloween costume contest, appearing with Sarah as “Superman and Supergirl,” “Little Bo Peep and my Sheep,” “Police Officer and Prisoner,” and “Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen.” “I can’t wait to see what the future brings us,” Sarah said.

Winterfell’s A Girl Has No Name CGC TKE owned by Krista & Erick Rodrigues of Rochester, NH

Arya entered the lives of Krista and Erick in the summer of 2020 as a young rescue dog in need of a new foster home. From the start, she charmed them with her zest for life, “little sister” antics with their senior dogs, and her steadfast insistence on daily snuggles. A couple months into her stay, she became an unplanned, but much needed foster fail, and they have relied on her talents for comforting family and inspiring laughter ever since.

With her adventurous, joyful approach to the activities and relationships that matter to her Krista and Erick knew Arya was a great fit for their active family. Her first winter with them was spent hiking the low peaks around central New Hampshire, earning a summit patch in the process.

When Arya was diagnosed with multiple bone disorders at 2 years old, they knew she would need safer channels for her energy. They learned about tricks and excitedly signed up for the upcoming class at Piscataqua Obedience Club in Berwick, ME. “It was a perfect fit from the first session,” Krista said. “Arya loves to bounce around the stations created by our awesome instructor, Dani.” The class has helped Ari work through her insecurities and allows them to participate in low-impact, highly engaging games together. They have also been inspired to check out other activities. For example, Ari has her CGC title, is taking an intro to odor class, and is about to try musical freestyle.

When she’s not training, Arya can be found exploring the beautiful natural areas around her home with their younger dog Jinx, supervising Erick in the kitchen, or snoring under a heap of blankets.

Fozzie Wilford Truffles Jackson TKE owned by Katherine & Bradley Jackson of Naperville, IL 

The Jacksons began trick training with now-3-year-old Fozzie as a way to grow her confidence and body awareness, and it quickly became one of her favorite activities. She loves to put her favorite tricks to work by helping her family in the kitchen and ensuring that all of their door, cabinet, and drawer opening and closing needs are met. When not learning a new trick, Fozzie loves to play tug, cuddle, play hide and seek, and go for walks. “Thanks to AKC for the opportunity to showcase Fozzie’s hard work and growth!” Katie said. Her TKE was earned Nov. 29, 2022.

Trevor’s Nightime Miracle RE NA NAJ SWN SCA SIA SEA SHDA RATO SDPRO CGCA CGCU TKE FITG owned by Karen Kathka of Springfield, MO

Trevor came into Karen’s life in 2010 as a 3-month-old puppy. He was a rescue who had been picked up as a stray; when she agreed to foster him, it was love at first sight and she knew that she would be a foster failure. The first two weeks were rough as he battled a bad case of kennel cough. “He was the busiest, funniest puppy who had to investigate everything,” Karen said. “He loved to climb, no stick was left behind on a walk, and his tail never stopped wagging. A little ball of fire, sometimes challenging with an independent nature.”

Trevor was a quick learner, and his energy was channeled into trick training. He has been Karen’s best sidekick for demonstrating at classes, workshops, and dog events. At 6 years old, he performed in front of an audience with 13 props and 30 tricks. Now 13, he knows more than 80 tricks and is still learning.

His favorite tricks are retrieving the car keys, helping with laundry, picking up dropped items,

playing basketball, and musical freestyle. “He brings such joy into my life, and I am so grateful for him.”

Trevor has also earned titles in rally, agility, Fit Dog, scent work, and Barn Hunt. He earned his TKE on Oct. 24, 2023, at Springfield Family Dog Training.

Kittatinny Oreo BN RA FDC NA NAJ BCAT SWN RATN CGC TKE VHMA owned by Edward Bem of Newton, NJ 

Eight-year-old Oreo was adopted by Ed in June 2015 at 8 weeks old. This cute black and white puppy was outgoing with everyone and even at 4 months befriended a young buck who would come by to play. Her friendliness made training easy; she loved to learn and do new things.

She has no training as a service dog, but her need to please has made her one to Ed’s wife. Oreo is sensitive to her needs and fetches Ed when help is needed. When Ed’s balance was poor and he tried to pick up sticks in the yard, Oreo picked up and brought all the sticks to him. She lets Ed dress her up for holidays and reminds him to bring the pony in when it gets late.

Oreo excels in agility, rally, obedience, scent work, Barn Hunt, Fast Cat, and Trick Dog. Her favorite trick is to pull Ed’s shirt off when it’s dirty from working outdoors. She loves hiking, swimming, playing fetch and disc, and helping with the pony.

To earn her Trick Dog Elite title, she performed tricks related to being a firefighter: typing reports, answering the phone, riding in a wagon going to the fire, turning on the siren, saving animals, and spraying water on the fire. She earned the title by virtual video on Nov. 26, 2023, in Ed’s backyard. The video can be seen at by searching ‘Kittatinny Oreo.’

Lady Kujaczynski CGC TKE owned by Debbie & Joe Kujaczynski of Loveland, CO 

Debbie and Joe got Lady, a happy and active 2-year-old Border Collie mix, when she was 8 weeks old. She loves life and enjoys doing anything they are doing.

Their training journey began with Susan Garrett’s online courses when Lady was 10 weeks old. “These courses contributed not only to a better-behaved dog but to a stronger bond between us,” Debbie said.

They learned a lot of tricks through their online course, and Debbie decided to enroll in a trick class offered at Everything Dogs in Loveland, CO. They flew through each level. Lady earned the Novice and Intermediate titles on Sept. 9, 2023; Advanced and Performer titles on Sept. 16, 2023; and the Elite Performer title on Dec. 6, 2023.

In her free time, Lady loves taking walks, playing with friends and family, and learning new tricks.

Casey Lauricella THDX CGC TKE owned by Karen Evanko Lauricella of Pennington, NJ 

Casey is a 7-year-old Siberian Husky mix who was rescued as a 4-month-old puppy. Her DNA test revealed 57% Siberian Husky, 11% Chow Chow, 9% German Shepherd, 8% Australian Cattle dog, 7% Boxer and 6% retriever.

She quickly learned basic commands and tricks, which she performed for family and friends. When Karen witnessed how this cheered an ill family member, she started therapy dog training with Casey. She earned her Canine Good Citizen and then certified as a therapy dog in the summer of 2021 during COVID. Along this path, Karen found the opportunity to pursue AKC recognition for Casey as a Trick Dog. During the next two and a half years, Casey achieved her Trick Dog titles while taking the show on the road. She performs and puts smiles on the faces of patients in hospitals as she prays for them, gets tissues, and takes bows in front of the residents in nursing homes and gives kisses to college students.

As a Therapy Dog, Casey has conducted more than 240 therapy visits and on Jan. 1, 2024, she earned her Trick Dog Elite Performer via video presentation. Her skit included retrieving a ringing telephone and riding a skateboard to ‘rescue’ a lost animal that she carried on her back.

Casey grew up with a senior cat and two teenage boys. She is loved at home while she tolerates two newly adopted kittens as they groom and tease her. She continues to run to the car, eager to do her therapy work and to show off her latest tricks.