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Foreign Registration

Who should use Online Foreign Registration?

Online Foreign Registration allows you to submit an online application for a dog born in a foreign country to apply for AKC Registration.

A foreign-born dog is eligible for registration with the AKC provided that it meets the eligibility requirements outlined by the AKC. For the complete requirements for eligibility, please visit the Special Registry Services page.

Visit our Registration page to learn more about AKC registration and all AKC registration options

What do I need before I begin?

Please be sure to have the following ready to upload with your online application. These will need to be submitted to the AKC for review along with a valid credit card for payment.

  1. Pedigree (translated in English). Upload a clear, legible copy of the complete original unrestricted (not a Limited Breeding) foreign three-generation Certified Pedigree from the registry in the dog’s country of birth (Export Pedigree if dog has been imported to the US). A complete pedigree must include at least three-generations of dog names and number. Please submit copies of the front and back.
    Note: If the dog was imported to another foreign country before coming into the US, we require copies of the pedigree from the dog’s country of birth and the certificate from the interim country.

  2. Certificate of Registration, where applicable (translated in English). Upload a clear, legible copy of the original unrestricted (not a Limited Breeding) Certificate of Registration indicating the dog’s registry and owner of record.
  3. Photographs required for all dogs. Attach two (2) color photographs of the dog in a standing position: one front view; one side view.
  4. Bescheinigung (German Shepherd only) or Anerkennung fur das Ausland. Attach a German certificate of transfer in letter form, if applicable

Additional Requirements:

All foreign dogs being registered with the AKC are required to have one of the following forms of positive identification.

  • Tattoo
  • Microchip
  • DNA profile

The dog must be registered with the name that appears on the Foreign Registration Certificate/Certified Pedigree. Foreign titles will not appear on any AKC documentation.

NOTE: Effective for foreign dogs registered on or after March 1, 2006, any foreign dog registered with the AKC must have an AKC DNA profile prior to registering its first litter whelped in the United States.

AKC DNA Test Kits can be ordered through the AKC Shop:

I completed my online application. Is my dog registered now?

Once you submit your Foreign Registration application, it will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness. Please understand that your registration application won’t be complete until all required documents have been provided and reviewed by AKC staff. The AKC will contact you by email for any additional information needed.

You will be sent an AKC email confirmation once a dog has been officially registered with the AKC.

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Want to check the status or resume processing of your online foreign application? Go to My Transactions and search on the date your application was started.