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Ed K. 

I have called twice, and both times was given great ideas to get my picky eater to eat. I also followed their game ideas, given to use up my puppy’s energy in a positive way. Both times the helpline trainers were friendly and patient with me and also very encouraging.

Sherrie C.

I was very frustrated with my dog’s behavior, and the person on the line helped my stress level and gave me hope. I felt like she was very interested in solving the problem.

Diane L.

I was very happy with the assistance I got from the AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline on how to train my problem barker. Coco Chanel is a four pound, one year old Maltese, who is a complete love until she sees a strange dog. Then she becomes a four pound ball of high pitched, excited barking. I am beginning to see some results with calling her to come and giving her positive feedback. Thank you for this service!

Christy W.

I really had two or three problems but mainly he (Boomer) jumps on family members; whether entering the house or just coming out of a room. The trainer was very supportive and understanding and her advice was so simple and spot on. The service is well worth the money. If you’re having issues with your dog, don’t hesitate to join this helpline. I’m so thankful I did.

Rich H.

My dog Fenway was constantly grabbing clothes when I tried to get dressed. The AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline gave me several suggestions for positively correcting this behavior including confining him briefly in his crate while I got dressed but giving him several treats while in the crate to make it not seem like a punishment. After several days of doing this, he now sits happily on the floor and is well behaved.

Carlos C.

Thank you for providing us (all dog owners) with this great service. So far, I’ve called the help line once, and the trainer who attended my call was very professional, courteous and helpful. She provided me with very good guidance on how to help my puppy, Sophie, redirect her nervousness in the presence of other dogs. I know that I will be needing continuous advice from your trainers, so I’m looking forward to talking to your team soon again.

Peggy F.

Those of you that know anything about Labs, know that they are very energetic. Times that energy by two in our home! Ruger and Roxanne are litter mates from a litter of 16 pups. They are not quite 5 months old. We have contacted AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline to address some issues we are having, and our trainer was of great help. Her suggestions have worked!! You can bet that we will continue to call the helpline when needed. A HUGE thank you to the AKC folks for starting up this helpline.

Judith E.

When I contacted the AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline I got an immediate courteous and friendly response. The person with whom I spoke was very clear in explaining issues and what I needed to do to get my dog on track. I recommend their services highly!

Diane H.

My first time calling and the trainer was great! I will be calling many times I am sure as I am new to owning dogs.

Ava H.

It is so helpful to have a telephone number that I can call with a trainer available to help me with any situations/problems with my dogs. Thank you for all of the great advice and help.

Carol B.

My first call was about my puppy eating EVERTYHING he comes across. The trainer gave me some excellent training tips and pointed out some areas I was reinforcing the wrong thing (putting the reward on the ground, for one). It’s been a week of work, but the results are fantastic. The puppy still picks up a few things on our walks, but when I give the ‘drop it’ command, he immediately spits it out. I am delighted to get such good advice and see such quick results. Plus, I was very impressed that the trainer I spoke with was not only delightful on the phone, but followed up with an email. I feel that this service is one of the best investments I’ve ever made on behalf of my dogs.

Deborah G.

The AKC trainer was very professional and gave me detailed advice on how to approach my dog’s behavioral issue. She was extremely friendly and seemed to have a heart for dogs. I will definitely be calling again when the need arises.

Amanda S.

I went to local pet retailer yesterday and while they were trying to get me to sign up for training classes I remembered I’d gotten the email about the AKC GoodDog! Helpline. I decided to give it a shot and called about him biting me when I pet him/put his leash on (since he’s teething) and also how to get him to stop jumping on strangers (he’s just so excited!). So far, everything the trainer suggested has worked – like, immediately. It was awesome. She also gave me tips about crate games to teach him to be less impulsive. I haven’t done those yet but I’m going to. I’m an AKC GoodDog! Helpline believer!