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The American Kennel Club® announced today that William Speck has been reappointed to his previous position of Assistant Vice President of Performance Events. Speck retired from AKC as AVP in 2003 but continued to serve as a consultant to the Performance Events Department.

“Like a good Retriever, Bill keeps coming back,” joked John Lyons, AKC's Chief Operating Officer. “We are fortunate to have Bill with us again on a full time basis — the depth of his knowledge and expertise in the performance world is unique and his enthusiastic admiration for the sport will continue to be an invaluable asset.”

Speck first joined the AKC as a Field Representative for Performance Events in 1993, serving in this capacity for several years. In 1997, Speck became Assistant Director, Performance Events, and by fall of the same year he was promoted to AVP of Performance Events.

In November of 2004, The National Retriever Club (NRC) honored Speck for his more than 20 years of service with retrievers and retriever field trials at their annual meeting held in Montgomery, TX. The occasion marked the first time the NRC has presented the award. In recognition, Speck received a bronzed duck statue by artist Chris Smith.

Bill Speck proudly displays his sculpture from the National Retriever Club for over 20 years of service with retrievers and retriever field trials.