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Sky the Wire Fox Terrier may have won Best in Show at the 138th Westminster Dog Show, but what about the competition she was up against?  Learn about all of the Group Winners over at and see if they would be the right pet for you.

Sporting Group Winner: The Irish Water Spaniel is an affectionate, playful family pet and known as the clown of the spaniels.  It is the tallest of the spaniels and has a curly, water-proof coat.  The Irish Water Spaniel is an athletic dog, enjoying exercise, especially swimming.  The breed is native to Ireland and is known as an incomparable retriever of waterfowl.

Herding Group Winner: Loyal and smart, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a very active herding dog with a love of the outdoors.  They have a dense double coat that sheds seasonally and requires regular brushing.  The Cardigan is the older of the two Corgi breeds and originated in Wales.  They are most famous for their job of heeling livestock, which means they moved cows by nipping at their heels.

Non-Sporting Group Winner: The Standard Poodle is a proud, active, smart dog.  They enjoy all sorts of activity and are good swimmers.  They have a curly, dense, harsh coat that is virtually non-shedding.  Poodles are highly trainable and work closely with their owners.  While the Poodle is the national dog of France, it originated in Germany as a duck hunter.  The fancy haircut that Poodles are known for actually serves a purpose – it was designed by hunters to help the dogs move more efficiently through water and the patches of hair left on the body are meant to protect vital organs and joints that are susceptible to the cold.

Working Group Winner: Well-known for being the “First Dog,” the Portuguese Water Dog is an active, athletic, adventurous breed.  The PWD has a soft, thick, non-shedding coat that can be curly or wavy.  The breed is known to be intelligent, alert, and happy to do anything.  They particularly love the water.  Hailing from Portugal, the PWD worked with fisherman herding fish into nets, retrieving lost tackle, and acted as a messenger between ships and shore.

Toy Group Winner: Known as King of Toys, the Miniature Pinscher is a fun-loving, active little dog.  The breed is known for its larger-than-life personality and tends to bond strongly with its owners.  Min Pins have a smooth, low-maintenance coat.  The breed originated in Germany centuries ago and worked as a barnyard ratter.

Hound Group Winner: The Bloodhound has an amazing sense of smell and will follow any trail until the job is done.  They are sweet, easygoing dogs that get along well with other dogs and children.  They are large in size, require regular brushing, and their ears and wrinkles must be kept clean.  Hailing from Western Europe, the Bloodhound is used in law enforcement around the world.  They’re so good at their job that evidence trailed by a Bloodhound has been used during court proceedings.

Terrier Group Winner: The Wire Fox Terrier is a curious, energetic dog that craves attention from its owners.  The breed is very active and needs daily exercise.  Their wiry coat is nearly non-shedding and requires professional grooming and stripping.  True terriers, they’re independent and have a high prey drive.  Originating in England, the Wire Fox Terrier was bred to chase fox from their dens.