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The American Kennel Club today announced that 58 Junior Scholarships have been awarded to students from 26 states. The scholarships for high school, college and graduate school students range from $1,000 to $5,000 each for a total of $100,000.

“The Junior Scholarship program is a special way for AKC to honor the hard work and dedication the young fanciers who are tomorrow’s leaders of our sport,” said Mari-Beth O’Neill, AVP of Special Services. “From their current goals of competing and earning titles to future aspirations of becoming veterinarians, journalists, teachers and professional handlers, this year’s winners have shown a real commitment to the sport of purebred dogs.”

Each student’s academic history and potential, as well as involvement in the sport of purebred dogs, were key criteria for winning the award from a field of 138 candidates. The average grade point average among the recipients was 3.75. In addition, each applicant had to submit an essay describing their experience in the fancy and the significance of the sport in their lives.

The 58 recipients represent a cross section of the fancy today, with participation in every AKC event offered to date, and ranging from third and fourth generation exhibitors to those who found their way to their first dog events by chance. Recipients listed achievements such as representing the United States on the World Agility Team, in the International Junior Competition at Crufts and the World Show, finishing homebred champions, earning multiple titles, judging Junior Showmanship, owning therapy dogs and volunteering in their communities.


2005 AKC Junior Scholarship Recipients

Name State Credits
Jennifer Crank OH Agility World Team/OB/Herding
Wyatt Delfino CA JS Judge/Borzoi/Doberman
Anna Kodet WI JS/ Papillons/6 Bred by Exhibitor Ch’s
Leila Bicos CA Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Emily Bisso* LA JS Irish Setter
Kaitlyn Candies LA JS PWD/4H
Tyler Cegler MT JS Judge/Dachshund
Allison Johnston* NC JS Judge/Papillons/OB
Allison McGuigan NJ JS/PBGV/ 4H
Chad Malinek LA JS/Pointer
Christopher Mathews FL Agility MACH
Richard Terella PA JS/Siberian
Charlotte Anderson WI JS/Whippet/Lure Coursing
Jenny Glei NC OTCH/OB/Shetland Sheepdog
Caitlyn Glick AL JS/Irish Setter/Breeder
Rebecca Helmke NY OB/Agility/Rally/ 4H
Adrienne Hill CA JS/Newfoundland
Rebecca McDaniel IL Agility/Herding/Bred 10 CHs/CWC
Holly Niece-Tuttle CO JSJudge/OB/JH/Golden Retriever
Karen Potter MI JS/MH/4H /GWP/Vizsla
Eve Rivinus OR JSJudge/2004 Intern/Beagle
Gabrielle Tesarz* NC JS/Show Chair/Poms
Jennifer Battista NY Agility/OB/Research/Labrador
Krystle Bounds MD JS/OB/Agility/Bred CH/PWC
Kathleen Burns OH Agility/JH/Goldens
Kimberly Carpenter CA JS/Goldens Retriever
Kristen Carpenter CA JS/CGC/TDI/Golden
Revecca Clas MD JS/Bred ByCH/Staffordshire Bull
Laura Coulter IL Agility/4H Leader//Border Collie
Katrina Davis OH Agility/4H/IG/ECS
Jenna Dell NY JS/Bred CH/Weimaraner
Joseph Esch* CT JS/Collie
Jennifer Fish WA JS/CHs/Sheltie/Border
Heather Grodi MI JS/BredCHs/Springers
Allison Janz WI JS/CH/4H/Dachshund
Peter Kubacz NJ JSJudge/Irish Setter/2004 Intern
Jake Kurczek WI OB/Rally/CHs/CavalierKC
Brandon Lenk VA JS/Breeder/Goldens
Anne Marie Lyons TX Agility/Border Colloe
Marion Mossman HI JS/Champions/GSD
Jenny Murtough NY OB/Agility/TDI/Staffordshire Bull
Kara Nelson CA OB/Agility/TDI/Golden/Border Collie
Kristen Nelson CA OB/Agility/Border Collie/Golden
Whitney Perry MA JS/BredCH’s/PWC/Smooths
Stacey Pfeiffer NY JS/Shiba/Rottweiler
James Reiser WI MH/GSP
Amber Short WA JS/OB/Agility/4H/CKCS
Brandi Smith AL JS/OB/GSP
Thea Steele WA JS/OB/Agility/HT/ECS
Grahm Swayze KY JS/BredCH’s/Whippets
Lisa Toth MO JS/Conformation/Siberian
Nicholas Urbanek PA JSJudge/Crufts/Pointer
Sarah Weise IL OB/Agility/4H/Rottweiler
Haley Whitcomb FL JSJudge/CH’s/Goldens
Elizabeth Wilkins MN CH’s/4H/Bernese Mt.Dog
Shannon Wilson WI JS/BredCh’s/BIS/ECS
Meagan Withrow CA Agility/4H/Bearded Collie


* Indicates that individual will be an AKC intern for the summer 2005 term.