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Exhibitors and clubs are reminded that dogs must be on leash while on trial or test grounds. The Agility Regulations state, Dogs shall be on leash at all times when on the show grounds except in the ring and at the warm-up jump area. The Obedience Regulations state, all dogs will be kept on leash except when in the obedience ring or exercise area. The Tracking Regulations state that dogs shall be on lead at all times on any area of the tracking site. Furthermore, the Tracking Regulations stipulate that a dog, allowed to run free on the tracking test site, can be failed and excused if a track has been completed, or not allowed to run the test if it has not already done so.

These regulations are in place for both safety and consideration of all exhibitors and spectators. If an exhibitor is uncooperative, a hearing can be called and appropriate disciplinary action taken. If club show or trial committees fail to enforce the regulations, they may be subject to fines.

Show your respect for other exhibitors and set the right example for spectators by keeping your dog on leash unless it is involved in off-leash competition.