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Many of the donations to the CA wildfires relief efforts have been made possible by the AKC-CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund. The permanent charitable fund has among its goals to provide resources, support and other assistance to not-for-profit animal shelters and similar not-for-profit organizations providing care for domestic animals orphaned or displaced as a result of natural or civil disasters.

Numerous individuals, organizations and dog clubs have made donations to the fund specifically for the CA Wildfires and we wish to recognize and thank them for their support and generosity:


Alice C. Main
American Bouvier Rescue League
Antelope Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Aztec Rhodesian Ridgeback Fanciers
Bakersfield Obedience Training Club
Bell Vernon Kennel Association
Bennington County Kennel Club
Berkshire Valley Basset Hound Club
Bettina Thomas
Border Terrier Club of the Southwest
Brooke Stanford
Carol Pleskoff
Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.
Carrie H. or Robert L. Nobles
Caryl Wolff
Catherine Cormier
Catherine McLaren
Cathy Thompson
Cheryl Franco
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers Association
Clackamas Kennel Club
Claremore Kennel Club of Oklahoma, Inc.
Comal County Kennel Club
Cori Miedema
Country Care Veterinary Service, Inc.
Cynthia Anne Wilson
Cynthia Pappas
Daniel A. and Carol A. Baugh
Del Monte Kennel Club
Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club
Diane A. Kepley
Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon
Donna Smiley-Auborn
Douglasville Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. Cesar Nieto
Ellen Clay
Eugene F. and Charlotte B. Madsen
Faith Peterson
Fort Bend Kennel Club, Inc.
Garden State Weimaraner Club
Gary A. Curtis and Rhydonia A. Ring
Genesee County Kennel Club Inc.
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Washington
Greater Humble Area Kennel Club, Inc.
Greater Naples Dog Club, Inc.
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Association
Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club of Washington
Jenny Bradbury
Judith Martin
Judy Ann Blankenship
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.
Kim Brightman
Lana K. Yoshii
Laurie Biever Farley
Long Beach Kennel Club Shoreline Dog Fanciers Clusters (Winter)
Lynn R. or Thomas J. Habrowski
Malibu Kennel Club
Marilyn L. Guzman
Marsha Gail Kamish
Marshall Richard, Marshall’s Plumbing and Heating
Marty Messick
McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers
Melanie Coronetz
Melissa J. Rife
Michael J. O'Malley and Priscilla A. Ficke-O'Malley
Monticello New York Kennel Club
Nancy Husos
Nancy L. and Brian J. Tait
Nancy Price Sanders
New Brunswick Kennel Club
North Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians
Northcoast Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club
Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club
Plainfield Kennel Club, Inc.
Ramapo Kennel Club
Richmond Dog Obedience Club
San Francisco Bay Scottish Terrier Club
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club of GA, Inc.
Shannon S. Walker
Sno-King Agility Club
Somerset Hills Kennel Club
Southern Indiana Kennel Club
St. Charles MO Kennel Club
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
Star City Canine Club, Inc.
Sue Sanvido
Susan A. and Curtis L. Knight
Susan Schweitzer
Taconic Hills Kennel Club
Take Charge Electric
Terri Sandvik
The Austin Kennel Club
The Dog Hair ‘n Egg Nog Classic
The Youngstown All-Breed Training Club
Timothy Paster
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.
Tualatin Kennel Club, Inc.
Two Cities Kennel Club
Umpqua Kennel Club, Inc.
Victoria Yates
Vikki Ingram
West Highland White Terrier Club of California
Whidbey Island Kennel Club
Wichita Dog Training Club, Inc.
William C. or Joan K. Mahone
William E. and Doreen A. Kent