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Less Than Two-Weeks Left to Cast Your Vote for The Best “Canine Candidate” for the Obama Family @

The American Kennel Club® (AKC) reports a tight race between the Poodle and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in their poll to determine America's breed of choice for the Obama family. Preliminary results indicate that the Poodle is up by a (dog) hair, with just a few hundred votes separating the top two contenders. But, with 13 days until the polls officially close, the Miniature Schnauzer and Bichon Frise are still in the running. Cast your vote at before August 19, 2008.

AKC Midway Mark Polling Results On A Dog for Obama, August 6th, 2008
Based on voting since site launch on July 2nd:

Candidate %

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier




Miniature Schnauzer


Bichon Frise


Chinese Crested


The AKC launched after reports that – win or lose – the Obamas promised their two daughters a dog after the presidential election.

“With 158 breeds registered by the AKC – each with its own unique temperament, coat type, size, energy level and appearance – we felt the Obama's interest in getting a dog was an opportunity to underscore the many factors that go into deciding whether to acquire a dog, and into determining what characteristics match your lifestyle so that a successful match can be made,” said Lisa Peterson, AKC spokesperson. “Every family is unique, but for the Obamas who have a daughter with allergies, a hypoallergenic breed with a very consistent and predictable coat is crucial. This factor informed our choices first and foremost but we also chose dogs that have affable temperaments.”

The Obama family may be adding a dog to their household for the first time, but Republican nominee John McCain is ahead of the pack with 24 pets, including four dogs. Therefore, animal lovers may be ready to help him “fetch” the election. According to a recent Associated Press survey,”pet owners favor McCain over Obama 42 percent to 37 percent, with dog owners particularly in McCain's corner.”

“It's no surprise that presidents and other politicians love their dogs. Dogs give unconditional love and can even help reduce stress levels,” added Lisa Peterson. “And, from an image standpoint, nothing humanizes a candidate more than seeing him lovingly dote on his pet.”

Place your ballot online at before August 19, 2008. Check back on the site after August 25 for the announcement of the winning breed.