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New puppy owners who register their dogs with the AKC are usually clamoring for all the information they can get about their new best friend. Who better than to tell them than national breed clubs?

Take advantage of the AKC's parent club flier program. The AKC will distribute a flier written by your national breed club to new puppy owners with their AKC registration certificate.

Don't have the time or resources to design a flier? The AKC handles design and layout, while the parent clubs provide the content, which the AKC approves.

Clear guidelines provide a content outline. Each parent club breed flier should highlight the breed standard, suggest events or activities to pursue with the breed, offer healthcare advice and insight, address training and any special needs associated with the breed, mention the option of breeding focusing on the thought and consideration responsible breeders give to their breeding programs, mention the option of spaying or neutering pets, provide contact information for a representative of the parent club and promote breed related educational materials published by the club.

The cost is minimal! The AKC charges 3 cents to print each flier, which is billed quarterly. In addition, there is a $150 set-up fee to put the club information into a design and format compatible with AKC print systems. There is no postage cost to the breed clubs.

For more information, contact Toni Hutto at or (919) 816-3625.