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 – Latest Enhancement for Core Constituents –


New York, NYThe American Kennel Club® announced today that litters registered with the AKC® using the Full Litter Registration process can now be listed in the Online Breeder Classifieds (OBC). Full Litter Registration allows a breeder to register the litter and each puppy individually at the same time. The OBC service provides contact information for breeders, who currently have AKC puppies available for sale, to the public via the AKC web site.

“We are pleased to expand the OBC listings to include puppies individually registered as part of the Full Litter Registration option so that breeders can take advantage of a variety of services and programs tailored to our core constituents,” said Assistant Vice President Registration / Customer Service David W. Roberts.

Breeders seeking more information should visit or call AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767.