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Please be advised – We have just been notified that the Cabrillo and Del Sur Kennel Club dog shows that were to take place May 15 and 16th have been canceled due to problems with the show site. The status of the independent specialties, the group show, and the other events surrounding the weekend, is unknown at this time. For more information on these shows, please refer to the following:

Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County – Contact Show Sec. Judy Wilson (916) 923-6360.

Obedience Club of San Diego – Contact Show Sec. Lynn Spears (619) 656-7600.

Cocker Spaniel Club of San Diego – Contact Show Sec. Ruth Bartholomew (619) 463-8364.

Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club, San Diego Dachshund Club, and San Diego Pomeranian Club – Contact Show Sec. Carolyn Sisson (619) 466-9792.

Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego, Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego, Samoyed Club of San Diego – Contact Margaret Simmons (619) 463-2502.

Great Dane Club of San Diego – Contact Show Sec. Cheryl Godwin (609) 588-7207.

Camino Real Siberian Husky Club and San to Sea Non Sporting Association of Southern California, or for further information on the Cabrillo and Del Sur all-breed shows: Contact Show Super. Jack Bradshaw (323) 727- 0136.