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The American Kennel Club's public service announcement (PSA) campaign continues to deliver important messages to the general public about purebred dogs. The newest television PSA, titled “A Dog is for Life,” focuses on the long-term commitment of getting a dog. It has been distributed to over 500 television stations across the country and we expect it to begin airing by the end of August. Watch for it on your local stations.

Our thanks go to many members of the Long Island Kennel Club for braving the 90+ degree weather and coming out with their dogs to help with the filming.

A previous TV PSA, which focused on the importance of training, led viewers to the AKC web site to find more information about training and training classes. It continues to air on hundreds of television stations across the country and – to date – has been viewed by nearly 25 million people.

Both PSAs as well as AKC's national television advertisements can be seen HERE.