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New York, NY – Highlights from the March 12-13, 2013 meetings of the AKC Delegates and AKC Board of Directors are as follows.


Full details on these actions, as well as other actions taken, are included in the minutes for the meeting, which will be posted on the AKC website.


Highlights from the March 12, 2013 Delegate Meeting:

  • The following Delegates were elected to the AKC Board of Directors Class of 2017:

    • Lee Arnold, Southern Colorado Kennel Club

    • Carl C. Ashby III, United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club

    • Alan Kalter, American Bullmastiff Association

    • Harvey M. Wooding, Westminster Kennel Club

  • The AKC Bylaws were amended to add the advancement of canine health and well-being to the objects of AKC and to make Agility Clubs eligible to apply for AKC membership. Both changes are effective immediately.

  • The following AKC Staff promotions were announced:

    • Gina DiNardo, Vice President, Assistant Executive Secretary

    • Mark Dunn, Vice President, Registration Development and Customer Services

    • Daphna Straus, Vice President, Business Development


Highlights from the March 12-13, 2013 Board Meeting are as follows:

  • The following Board Officers were elected:

    • Alan Kalter, Chairman

    • Dr. William R. Newman, Vice Chairman

  • The following Executive Officers were elected:

    • Dennis B. Sprung, President/CEO

    • Daryl Hendricks, Chief Operating Officer

    • Peter W. Farnsworth, Chief Financial Officer

    • James P. Crowley, Executive Secretary

  • The Board interpreted Chapter 4, Section 2, of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows as permitting clubs to send electronic copies of the premium list. If sent electronically, clubs do not have to send a paper copy.  

New York, NY – Highlights from the March 12-13, 2013 meetings of the AKC Delegates and AKC Board…