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The summer 2003 issue of AKC Family Dog, a new lifestyle magazine with a focus on purebred dogs, is almost here. The latest issue, available June 1st, is packed with how-to's, news updates, and vital information to help owners provide all the best for their pet.


Media may request advance copies of feature articles and interviews with authors.

  • A Nose for Trouble by John Croft
    Aviator, writer, and dog fancier John Croft looks at the Transportation Security Administration's use of dogs in America's airports for the important work of bomb- detection. Croft speaks with handlers and others, and shows that these canine heroes are not only experts in their field but are goodwill ambassadors to the travelers they meet.
  • The New Work of Dogs by Jon Katz
    Our pet dogs have served us for thousands of years, but the roles they play have continually evolved. These days, rather than hunting, herding, or doing other physical work, most dogs find themselves serving as our emotional helpers. This heartwarming excerpt from Jon Katz's upcoming book The New Work of Dogs explores how a particular Corgi's winning personality helps his owner recover from and survive a series of debilitating surgeries and chemotherapy treatments related to breast cancer.
  • Taming Your Teenage Tyrant by Susan McCullough
    If your puppy becomes rebellious, vandalizing, awkward-looking, and raging with hormones, it could be a sign of the terrible teens. Award-winning author Susan McCullough offers tips and advice from trainers and behaviorists about dealing with your sometimes not-so-cute 6- to 18-month-old puppy.
  • The Dyslexic Atheist Who Believed in Dog by Roger Rosenblatt
    Noted author and Time essayist Roger Rosenblatt tells the story of a West Highland White Terrier who becomes a household god.
  • Strong Medicine by Leslie Crane Rugg
    Recent studies are confirming what many pet owners have known all along: dogs are good and good for you. In this feature, Leslie Rugg explores the extraordinary benefits and healing powers of the connection between canines and Homo sapiens.
  • The Painted Pup by Kim Campbell Thorton
    How do you go about having a quality portrait made of your dog? Where do you start? Kim Campbell Thorton takes readers through the process of commissioning a piece of art, and provides useful suggestions for getting the piece you want. With a sidebar by noted dog artist Robert Abbett describing his methods, this feature is sure to enlighten.


AKC Family Dog can be ordered when registering dogs. Subscriptions will also be sold individually for $8.95 and are available at this website or through insert cards in other AKC publications.