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— “Clinton” Progeny to Enter the White House —

New York, NY – Republican President George W. Bush may have won re-election but it looks like there may soon be a Democratic operative in the White House. The new arrival– a purebred Scottish Terrier puppy named Miss Beazley–will play a dual role as a birthday present for wife, Laura, and as a new companion for the current first dog, Barney, also a Scottish Terrier.

The American Kennel Club-registered Champion Motherwell Alberta Clipper, known by his call name Clinton, fathered the new presidential pet. Clinton, born on Election Day in 2000, is owned by William Berry of Parsippany, NJ and co-owned by his 86-year-old mother Marie Berry.

“We applaud the President for setting an example of responsible dog ownership by contacting a reputable breeder,” said Gail Miller, AKC Spokesperson. “The first family had a wonderful experience with Barney and did the right thing by going back to a trusted breeder when they decided to add another dog to their family.”

Barney’s breeder, former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, gave Bush the purebred puppy as an election victory gift in 2000. According to reports, Barney was lonely after the death of his lifelong companion Spot, the English Springer Spaniel bred by the President’s mother Barbara Bush. Spot, the son of Millie, famous author of “Millie’s Book,” was born in the White House 15 years ago and died in February.

Miss Beazley was named for a dinosaur character in the children’s book “The Enormous Egg.” The first lady and daughters Barbara and Jenna picked the name, Berry said.

The official AKC-registered name of the reigning first pet is Pontefract Barney W. Bush. The new puppy’s AKC-registered name will most likely be Blackwatch Miss Beazley. She will join four-year-old Barney at the White House shortly before Christmas.

This most recent presidential pedigree purchase highlights a long tradition of purebred dogs owned by heads of state, as outlined in a previous AKC press release (August 2004 – Presidential Purebred Pups Are A White House Tradition). The Scottish Terrier — particularly in pairs – was found to be a favorite among Commanders in Chief: Franklin D. Roosevelt owned two Scotties (Fala and Meggie), as did Dwight D. Eisenhower (Caacie and Telek).

When Gov. Whitman started breeding she called Berry, a 27-year dog breeder and fancier, for advice and returned to him when looking for quality breeding stock to produce her presidential gift. In fact, Barney and Miss Beazley are related. Barney and Clinton are half brothers, sired by the same father.

“The President first went to Whitman for a puppy,” explained Berry. When Whitman didn’t have any, she referred the President to Berry, her mentor. Miss Beazley represents the third generation of shared breeding stock between Berry and the former Environmental Protection Agency head.

Berry’s dog Clinton had recently sired a litter with friend and fellow Scottish Terrier breeder Patricia Gilmore’s dam Blackwatch Elizabeth. The litter produced four boys and one girl. A breeder since 1963, Gilmore said she just happened to have “one little girl at the right time.”

The dark brindle puppy, after getting her first haircut, will leave Gilmore’s Livingston, New Jersey home with the typical new pet owner packet: food, written instructions, an AKC pedigree of both parents, AKC registration papers and a pink collar and leash.

“We are extremely happy having another dog going to the White House,” said Berry. “The President comes with good credentials. I know Barney has free run of the place and they take wonderful care of him. I’m hoping Miss Beazley will also meet some heads of state.”

“I would love to go down to the White House and tell them how to raise her,” Gilmore added. “Maybe I could be the dog’s maid? I have a degree in picking-up.”