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In anticipation of the family film Good Boy! being released next week by MGM Pictures and Jim Henson Pictures, the American Kennel Club wants to remind moviegoers about the importance of making careful, educated decisions when considering adding a dog to their home.

The AKC hopes to reiterate the message, which MGM responsibly included on the film’s web site, that potential puppy owners should carefully research when buying a dog and should only buy from reputable breeders.

No one should make a decision on getting a dog from the way it’s depicted in a film, said Gina Lash, AKC’s Director of Club Communications. A popular film can create sudden interest in a breed and this may lead people to purchase the breed without having properly researched its temperament, grooming and exercise needs. Finding a responsible breeder to help you choose the right dog for you should be a priority for any potential new dog owner.”

Good Boy! features numerous purebred dogs including the well-known Boxer and Standard Poodle, but also lesser-known breeds such as the Border Terrier, Italian Greyhound and Bernese Mountain Dog. More information and breeder referral on each of these as well as for all the 150 AKC recognized breeds is available on the AKC website at National breed clubs are also an important resource and can be contacted through their web sites:

This film and the general increase in dogs shown on TV and in the movies is a testament to how much the public loves dogs, adds Lash. It is crucial to understand the commitment involved in owning a dog. We want each family to choose the right breed of dog for them not every dog will easily fit into every family’s lifestyle. Learn as much as you can about the different breeds and about how to be a conscientious dog owner before you get your dog.”