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Organization records over 3 million entries across Performance, Conformation, Companion and Family Dog events.

The American Kennel Club, the world’s largest dog registry, advocate for dogs, and the governing body in the United States, continues to be the leader in the sport of dogs with a record setting increase to 3.3 million entries in 2019 across more than 22,800 Performance, Conformation, Companion and Family Dog events.

The AKC’s 135 years of commitment to dogs resulted in over 22,800 events nationwide held by 5,000 clubs and engagement with the broadest number of unique breeders, maintaining its place as the number one dog registry and sport organization in the world.

“We are beyond proud to be the foremost authority on dog sports in the world,” said Doug Ljungren, AKC’s Executive Vice President of Sports and Events. “The dedication and commitment of our breeders, exhibitors, clubs, business partners and staff have resulted in the unparalleled success of our sports. We enthusiastically look forward to spreading the joy of canine companionship by growing our existing sports and developing new activities that meet the interests and lifestyles of all segments of the dog- owning public.”

The AKC acknowledges the accomplishments of dogs in 26 different sports. It is America’s only dog organization to include the full range of Performance Events, each of which is designed to evaluate how well purpose-bred dogs perform the function that a breed was developed to do.  In every measurable category; unique breeders, events and entries, the AKC Performance Program far surpasses that of any registry worldwide on an annual basis. This includes:

  • Pointing breed hunting tests and field trials
  • Retriever hunting tests and field trials
  • Spaniel hunting tests and field trials
  • Field trials for Hounds (Beagles, Dachshunds & Basset Hounds)
  • Coonhound events
  • Herding events
  • Earthdog events
  • Lure Coursing events
  • Search and Rescue
  • Plus, unique breed-specific performance events held by AKC National Breed Clubs (examples – carting and working dog sports)

The AKC administers the largest Companion Event program in the world. Companion Events, open to all breeds including mixed breeds, are designed to strengthen and demonstrate the human – canine bond. Companion Event sports include Agility, Obedience, Scent Work, Tracking and Rally.

In Conformation the breadth and scope of shows exceed over 1,400,000 entries at events run by dedicated clubs that educate the public about responsible dog ownership, health and the human-canine bond.

AKC’s Family Dog activities were created to demonstrate the manners that make dogs good family members and welcomed partners in the community.  These activities include the Canine Good Citizen program, STAR Puppy, Therapy Dog, Trick Dog, Farm Dog Certified, the Fit Dog program and AKC’s Temperament Test.

Additionally, the AKC has a strong affiliation program with other dog sport organizations including North America Diving Dogs (NADD), the North American Flyball Association (NAFA), the Barn Hunt Association and UpDog Challenge (disc dogs).  A dog’s accomplishments in these events can be recorded on their AKC pedigree.

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