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The American Kennel Club (AKC®) wishes to acknowledge the participation of Juniors in all AKC Sports. Top juniors are determined by a point system for participation, handling dogs to qualifying scores or legs for the event, placements and wins.

“We at the American Kennel Club are thrilled to recognize these juniors,” said Mari-Beth O’Neill, Vice President of Sport Services. “We trust their participation will result in a lifetime of enjoyment and contribute to the future success and growth of the sports.”

Congratulations to this year’s top juniors by sport.

Agility David Frasca, MO
Coonhound Maison Cole Craig, KY
Coursing Ella Thomas,VA
Earthdog Isabelle Ingraham, CO
Field Trial Landen Johnson, FL
Herding Kaden Byrket, AZ
Hunting Test Rylee Balasco, SC
Junior Showmanship Alaina House, IN
Obedience Burlynne Mejeris, FL
Rally Jada Sawhney, FL
Scent Work Matthias Macknight, MN
Title Recognition Program Elizabeth Olson, IA
Beagles Mason Vaughn, TN