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Fueled by record growth in pet acquisition and registration, the American Kennel Club (AKC®), the leading advocate for dogs, and PetPartners, Inc. (PPI), its longtime administrator of AKC Pet Insurance (insurance underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company), announced an expanded licensing and marketing agreement which takes their relationship to an unprecedented new level.

The expanded agreement will feature marketing campaigns that highlight pet health and wellness, but also protect against the financial burden that comes with the rising cost of veterinary services. AKC and PPI have been partnering in pet insurance since 2003 and remain dedicated to advocating for pets to receive quality, and timely medical treatments throughout their lifetime.

Many first-time pet owners underestimate the breadth of responsibilities that come with caring for a pet, including costs associated with preventive care and unexpected medical treatments. Whether the new owner acquired their puppy through a breeder or through rescue, AKC and PPI recognize the critical need for greater awareness of the components of responsible pet ownership, in order to help promote the human-animal bond and the lifelong well-being of pets.

A record increase in dog acquisition as people look for comfort in the face of COVID-19, has fueled a significant rise in AKC new puppy registrations as well as AKC’s Canine Partners mixed breed enrollment. Consistent with its AKC Responsible Pet Promise, the AKC provides a complimentary initial vet appointment through AKC’s Veterinary Network, a lifetime microchip enrollment from AKC Reunite, live training support staffed by expert trainers at AKC GoodDog Helpline, and access to 30 days of pet insurance coverage through AKC Pet Insurance, which provides a link to TailTrax™ an app that instantly retrieves pet medical records, pet insurance claims, and connects to a 24/7 vet helpline for around-the-clock pet health support and advice.

“As an active advocate for pet health and responsible dog ownership, the American Kennel Club is pleased to expand our relationship with PetPartners, a trusted partner in pet insurance,” said Dennis B. Sprung, President and CEO of AKC.  “A key part of responsible pet ownership is veterinary visits, both expected and not. Having the security of pet insurance is a smart option to ensure your pet never goes without the care it needs.”

“Life with a pet is a very rewarding experience and the bond between a dog and a human is like no other,” said Lane Kent, President of PetPartners, Inc., a member of The IHC Group (NYSE: IHC). “We are committed to helping pet owners prepare for emergencies and illnesses so they can enjoy peace of mind that their pet is protected, and freedom from worry about the unexpected veterinary bills that can be debilitating for many families.”

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