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The American Kennel Club® (AKC) is thrilled to announce the inaugural season of the AKC Agility League ®. The new pilot program allows teams from around the country to run locally and compete nationally.

The League program has 19 groups, sponsoring 40 teams with 245 dogs, and representing nine regions of the country. They will compete at their local training facility by running courses designed by AKC Agility Field Representatives. All teams will run the same six courses and will be ranked by both team performance and individual performances. Courses will be designed at regular and preferred jump heights (teams can mix and match) and will be released bi-weekly on Mondays. The 12-week season begins today, May 30th and rankings will be released bi-weekly.

“We are so excited to launch this fun, recreational program,” said Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of AKC. “This league gives exhibitors, clubs, and schools the opportunity to practice and compete on their home turf while sharing the experience with agility enthusiasts from around the country. Be sure to keep up with the teams from your region and cheer them on!”

The pilot program has a limited number of teams and will be expanded to more teams in the Fall of 2022.

Below are the Agility Groups that will compete in the inaugural season:

Alaska                         Tanana Valley Kennel Club

New England           American K9 Country (NH)

Talcott Mountain Agility Club (CT)

Mid-Atlantic              Pinelands Dog Training Center (NJ)

Syracuse Obedience Training Club (NY)

Southeast                   Durham Kennel Club (NC)

WestRover Agility Club (AL)

North Central           All Fours Dog Training (IL)

Des Moines Agility Friends (IA)

One Smart Dog (Ohio)

South Central          Tyler Obedience Training Club (TX)

Kate’s Place (OK)

Rocky Mountain      Versa Dog Sports (UT)

Lookout Agility (CO)

Western                      Half Moon Bay Dog Sports (CA)

Antelope Valley Dog Agility (CA)

Agility Club of San Diego (CA)

White Sands Agility Club (NM)

Hawaii                         Hawaiian Agility Handlers Association

Team and Individual winners will be announced at the end of the season in August.

To learn more about the Agility league please visit and follow the AKC Agility League Facebook page.