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Program Benefits, Including Canine Competitions and Lifetime Recovery Service with Free ID Tag, Available to 34 Million Mixed-Breed Dogs in U.S.

Starting today, mixed-breed dog owners can visit and enroll their dog in the American Kennel Club® Canine Partners Program. Mixed-breed dogs and their owners will now be able to participate in canine competitions held by AKC-affiliated dog clubs nationwide and access many AKC programs and services including lifetime enrollment in AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR).

For a $35 enrollment fee, owners will receive benefits worth more than $50 including a free AKC logo ID collar tag with the dog’s listing number and the AKC CAR pet recovery 800 number. Ensuring that your pet wears this tag increases the chances of finding your dog should he/she become lost. AKC CAR has reunited more than 360,000 animals with their owners since 1995.

Once enrolled, dogs will receive their AKC Canine Partners listing number plus:

  • Lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR Pet Recovery Service
  • AKC CAR collar tag with AKC Canine Partners Listing Number
  • One-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine
  • Frameable 8.5″ x 11″ AKC Canine Partners Certificate of Recognition
  • AKC Canine Partners decal
  • Eligibility to participate in mixed-breed classes at stand-alone AKC Agility, Obedience and Rally events beginning in April 2010.

Additional benefits including a free AKC Canine Good Citizen® certificate for dogs passing the CGC test, and various other offers from AKC affiliates and sponsors will be added to the program in the future. With more than 34 million mixed-breed dogs in the U.S. (according to the 2009-2010 APPA National Pet Owner Survey), AKC Canine Partners is designed to strengthen the human-canine bond by encouraging training, responsible dog ownership and pet owner education.

“While we have always been known as an advocate for purebred dogs, we have also always been concerned with the welfare of all dogs.  Encouraging the public to do more with their dogs helps us achieve our mission when it comes to canine welfare and allows dogs and people to enjoy one another more, ” said AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung. “With the launch of AKC Canine Partners, mixed-breed dog owners will benefit from AKC resources and be able to discover the world of canine competition.”

With mixed-breed classes beginning April 1, 2010, dog owners have time to kick start their competitive training regimen. Go to to the club search function and look-up agility and obedience clubs in your area where you can enroll in classes and begin learning about events so that both members of your team can be ready to hit the ring and rake in the ribbons come Spring!

AKC-affiliated clubs may begin applying for events now by visiting: or contacting AKC directly at

To find an event near you starting April 1, 2010 visit:

AKC Canine Partners specifically benefits mixed-breed dogs and their owners, however the AKC has long included mixed breeds in programs such as AKC Canine Good Citizen®, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppysm, AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day and the AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund’s disaster relief efforts. AKC advocates for the rights of all dog owners and the welfare of dogs through its Government Relations efforts and serves dog owners through its affiliate organizations such as the AKC Humane Fund, AKC Canine Health Foundation and AKC Companion Animal Recovery.

For more information about the AKC Canine Partners program for mixed-breed dogs visit: