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The American Kennel Club (AKC®), a not-for-profit organization, the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is excited to announce the recipients of the 2023 AKC Eddy Award.

The AKC Eddy Award is designed to encourage and reward Parent Clubs that demonstrate a breeder education effort (website, workshop, mentoring, or the like) that provides information beyond the expected in an interesting and unique manner. Parent clubs were divided into four tiers based on the size of their membership program. They were selected by this year’s committee consisting of Ashley Jacot (AKC Director of Education), Mari-Beth O’Neill (VP, AKC Sports Services), and Alan Kalter (Former Chairman of the AKC Board of Directors and 2016 Breeder of the Year).

“We are extremely excited to recognize these clubs for their continuous efforts towards furthering breeder education,” says Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary, AKC. “Their work is an important addition for breeders that are passionate about preserving their breed and doing so responsibly.”

2023 Eddy Award Recipients:

Tier 1:

American Eskimo Dog Club of America: The club offers monthly Breeders4Breeder educational webinars to educate and encourage responsible breeding. Anyone interested in breeding American Eskimo Dogs is invited to participate. Mentorships have been established as a result of the webinars. 

Norfolk Terrier Club of America: The NTC implemented “Member Education Zoom” meetings bi-monthly. A breeder support package is available on the NTC website.

Tier 2:

Pug Dog Club of America: The PDCA created a “Best Breeding Practices” document as well as a Breeding Mentor Guide for members who mentor new breeders.

American Bullmastiff Association: The ABA established the -Breeder Education Committee which has created a Breeder Education Program given at all National Specialties, regional specialties, and high entry show weekends.

Tier 3:

Basset Hound Club of America: The BHCA established Basset Hound University available to breeders, judges, and owners available on the club website.  All Day educational events are held in conjunction with the National.

Dachshund Club of America: DCA established a Breeder’s Resource library, an online repository on the DCA website.  The Breeder Education Committee created an interactive online course: “Breeding to the Standard”.

Tier 4:

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America: The BMDCA established “Berner University” an annual Breeder symposium at the National, augmented by the Berner University website that archives presentations and materials as readily available resources. BMDCA has established a Breeder Menor Program.

Doberman Pinscher Club of America: The DPCA established “Generation Forward” in 2015 to provide mentorship to those wanting to better the breed. Proactively reach out via email to new members to establish a mentorship for those interested in breeding. The Breeder Education Committee hosts presentations that are recorded and available on the DPCA YouTube channel.

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