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The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and advocate for all dogs, is pleased to announce the opening of submissions for the 2022 AKC My Canine & Me. This award is intended to honor children and young adults who are making a positive impact on the world with their dogs or achieving personal growth and success utilizing their knowledge of dogs and their dog ownership.

To be considered, students must be nominated by a parent, teacher, mentor or another adult familiar with their efforts. Additionally, they must be in good academic standing and provide a report card (for grades K-8), GPA (Grades 9-12) or school transcript with the application.

A short essay should also be included describing the bond between the child and their dog, and the reason for the nomination. All children nominated will be enrolled in the Junior program and receive a Junior number.

Winners will be determined and selected based on the following four categories:

Personal Achievement Award: Celebrating children who have overcome personal challenges with the help of their dog.

Influential Junior Award: Children demonstrating leadership skills with their dog during after-school activities or gatherings and inspiring their peers and teachers as a result.

Innovative Junior Award: Celebrating children who have excelled in honing their creativity through training skills with their dogs.

Community Achievement Award: Celebrating juniors who show commitment and passion through fundraising and contributing to their community for the welfare of dogs.

Winners will be announced annually and awarded $1,000 scholarships which can be used toward tuition, additional training classes or another dog-related activity. Additionally, they will receive a plaque honoring their achievement and a mention and interview on AKC.TV.

If you would like to nominate a child for the AKC My Canine and Me award, please visit the AKC Press Center to learn more about the program and to apply.