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— New 500 Square Foot Area Facilitates Collection Preservation —

The AKC Archives has expanded its collection preservation area as a result of the tremendous volume of archival material recently submitted by Parent Clubs. The Archives new 500-square-foot addition, located at AKC’s headquarters in New York City, will be used to process newly submitted collections as well as store some of the invaluable and irreplaceable historical material.

“We encourage Parent and Member clubs to use the AKC Archives as a permanent home for their collections,” said AKC Executive Secretary James Crowley. “The AKC Archives continues to distinguish itself as the largest national repository dedicated to the sport of the purebred dog, covering 126 years of canine history and tradition.”

Below is a list of Parent Clubs who have graciously provided material to the AKC Archives:

1. American Water Spaniel Club of America
2. Bedlington Terrier Club of America
3. Bull Terrier Club of America
4. Chihuahua Club of America
5. Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America
6. Dandie Dinmont Club of America
7. Doberman Pinscher Club of America
8. German Shepherd Dog Club of America
9. Giant Schnauzer Club of America
10. Greyhound Club of America
11. Irish Setter Club of America
12. Keeshond Club of America
13. The Labrador Retriever Club
14. Löwchen Club of America
15. Mastiff Club of America
16. Newfoundland Club of America
17. Otterhound Club of America
18. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America
19. Poodle Club Foundation Rare Book Collection
20. Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
21. Scottish Deerhound Club of America
22. Scottish Terrier Club of America
23. Skye Terrier Club of America

Some of the most recent additions to the Archives include the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America collection, which includes a photo of the first litter born in the United States as well as the Scottish Terrier Club of America collection which contains photos of Eng. Ch. Heather Necessity, daughter of Eng. Ch. Allister, from whom most present day Scotties are descended.

Other treasures in the Archives include handwritten pedigrees and photos from the 19th century, Irish Setter Club of America handwritten minutes from the 1940s; 130 boxes of material from the Doberman Pinscher Club of America; and fine paintings of Ch. Talisker’s Fearless and Ch. Talisker’s Fanfralouche of the well-known Marjorie Adams’ Talisker Kennel from the Skye Terrier Club. The latter collection of fine art is now on display in the AKC Library.

In addition, the Archives has turned hard copy historical data into digital collections providing the fancy and the public with access at The digital collections currently include the AKC Constitution and By-Laws from 1884-1947; nearly 3,000 pages of meeting minutes from 1884 to 1933 and from 1999 to the present; the evolution of Dog Show Rules from 1884 to 1931; and the AKC Art Collection. Artwork can be viewed either as thumbnails or a slide show.

Click here to view and research the collections. Sharing documents, letters, and photos in this way enables the AKC Archives to provide better service and greater access than ever before. If you wish to obtain more information about or to use the Archives please contact AKC Archivist, Craig Savino at 212-696-8216 or