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The American Kennel Club has announced that as of January 1, 2003 two new breeds – the Toy Fox Terrier and the German Pinscher – have been granted regular status as AKC-recognized breeds and are eligible for competition in the Toy and the Working Groups, respectively.

The Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a true American Breed developed by breeding small Smooth Fox Terriers with several toy breeds including the Chihuahua and Manchester Terrier. Today, the Toy Fox Terrier is a well-balanced toy dog of athletic appearance displaying grace and agility in equal measure with strength and stamina. The Toy Fox Terrier has shown that he is at home in conformation, obedience and agility trials, and is a cherished companion dog, his favorite spotlight being the center stage of his owner's life. Truly a toy and a terrier, both have influenced his personality and character. As a terrier, the Toy Fox Terrier possesses keen intelligence, courage, and animation. As a toy he is diminutive, and devoted with an endless abiding love for his master. Breed characteristics include an elegant and balanced head, a short, glossy, and predominantly white coat, and a short, high-set tail. The preferred height is 9-11″. For further information, visit the web site for the Toy Fox Terrier of America at

The German Pinscher

The German Pinscher originated in Germany and is included in origins of the Doberman, Miniature Pinscher and other Pinscher types. A working dog, German Pinschers are known for their vermin hunting skills and instinctual desire to protect home and family. The German Pinscher's natural hunting abilities give them a keen sense of prey drive and determination. Highly intelligent with expressive animation, the German Pinscher commands attention as it conveys the impression that this dog is ready to go to work and learn the desired task at hand. Willing learners, they make wonderful multipurpose companions with firm but gentle and consistent discipline. German Pinschers are high-energy and enjoy adventure in any form. The medium sized (17-20″), short-coat dog is elegant in appearance with a strong square build and moderate body structure, and is muscular and powerful for endurance and agility. Energetic, alert, fearless, and loyal, the German Pinscher has the prerequisites to be an excellent watchdog and companion. For additional information, visit the web site for the German Pinscher Club of America at


“The addition of these two wonderful dogs adds to the many choices the public has when it comes to selecting the right breed for them,” said David Frei, AKC spokesperson. “Purebred dogs offer predictability. No matter how similar dogs can appear as puppies, we know that a Pomeranian puppy grows up to be a Pomeranian adult of a certain size, coat, activity level and temperament, and a Mastiff puppy grows up to be a Mastiff adult. Knowing and being able to depend on those differences is crucial to matching the right breed of dog to one's lifestyle.”

The American Kennel Club, founded in 1884, maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world, and with the addition of the Toy Fox Terrier and German Pinscher currently registers 151 breeds. Those breeds represent a wide variety of size, color, coat, personality, and heritage.