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– AKC and CFA Uncover What Your Neighborhood Really Says About You –

From the affluent ladies who lunch on the Upper East Side to the authentic Italian culture of Little Italy, the various neighborhoods of New York City have very distinct characteristics.

Inspired by New York City’s October 16 & 17 Meet the Breeds event™, the world’s largest showcase of cats and dogs, the American Kennel Club (AKC®) and the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA®) searched through the unique personalities and traits of more than 200 dog and cat breeds to determine the best fit for the personality and character of each New York City neighborhood.  Weigh in and cast your vote now at by clicking “Vote Now,” or go to AOL PawNation and make your voice heard.   Among them:

Upper East SideAffluent residents, “ladies who lunch,” high society, style-conscious.
Dog Breed:  The Poodle is known for its glamorous looks and the serious grooming needed to maintain them.  While their coat does require frequent grooming, their intelligence more than makes up for the extra care. .
Cat Breed:  The American Curl, with fancy curled ears perched on its head, just screams “I am style-conscious!” Their aloof look with walnut-shaped eyes, and their silky coat, will fit in purr-fectly at any high society luncheon.

Upper West SideFamily-oriented people who take advantage of Central Park.
Dog Breed: The English Springer Spaniel thrives on exercise and training, as those who go running in Central Park do.  They are light, lean, and fast, as most sporty types are, and love to chase the birds found in the park.  They learn quickly, remember well and make excellent family companions.
Cat Breed:  The sleek Oriental needs to exercise to keep its body trim, muscular and hard as a rock! Chasing toys keeps them happy – almost as happy as when they are curled up in your lap for a long nap.

The VillageBohemian, struggling artists-types.
Dog Breed:  The Brussels Griffon is known for being highly intelligent and sensitive, with a very expressive face.  The breed is also known as a bearded dog which can be compared to the unshaven, struggling artist.
Cat BreedSelkirk Rex, with their plush and loosely curled coats, fit right into a Bohemian lifestyle.  Especially the longhairs, who look like they are always having a bad hair day and are definitely not for the uptight and organized pet owner.

Chelsea – Effeminate nature, stylish and groomed to perfection.
Dog Breed:  The Dandie Dinmont Terrier’s structured appearance requires professional grooming to keep him looking perfect.  But don’t let his big dark eyes and fluffy head of curls fool you.  This is a confident, intelligent and independent little Terrier.
Cat Breed:  Minimal grooming is necessary for the Cornish Rex. Their soft coat automatically falls into meticulous “Marcel” waves. Looks shouldn’t deceive you, though, as this breed is very alert and active.

Little Italy – Known for its authentic Italian culture.
Dog Breed: The Italian Greyhound makes the name “Little Italy” true to life.  The breed is very small and a native of Italy.  This breed is very affectionate and loves being with his family, which is reminiscent of Italian family life.
Cat Breed: The Singapura is about as far from being “Little Italy” as one can get, yet their small stature and ticked coat is much admired.  Singapuras are well-known to love their people and if you own more than one, they are often found curled up all together in a heap.

Brooklyn – The 94-year-old Coney Island institution, Nathan’s Hot Dogs.
Dog Breed:  The Dachshund is commonly known as a “hot dog” because of its long and low body which resembles a frankfurter.
Cat Breed:  The Havana Brown has a glistening mahogany-toned coat color. They’d just as soon eat your hot dog as let you have it! The Havana Brown can be called a “chocolate delight without the calories.”

Staten IslandBest known for the Staten Island Ferry.
Dog Breed:  The Newfoundland is at home in the water and has always worked hauling in heavy fishing nets and carrying life lines to sinking ships in dangerous waters to save lives.
Cat Breed: The Turkish Van loves the water!    In their native region they are commonly called ‘the swimming cats.” Their coloring is unique because of the always white body with colored markings confined to the head and tail.

Long Island – The lavish life of the wealthy who summer in the Hamptons.
Dog Breed: The Shih Tzu is elegant, charming, aristocratic and was cherished by royals.  They also need plenty of grooming.  Shih Tzus have a long, flowing, beautiful coat that requires daily brushing.
Cat Breed: The Birman is well suited to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Believed to have originated in Burma, the Birman was the sacred, the companion cat of the Kittah priests.

Learn more about these breeds and place your vote online at by clicking “Vote Now” or at AOL PawNation for the dog and cat breed that best represents your New York neighborhood.  Polls close October 4.  Log onto to find out what dog and cat America chose as the best match for New York.

The Meet the Breeds event will give pet lovers a chance to meet all of these breeds and more this October 16th and 17th.  The family-friendly event will feature more than 200 dog and cat breed booths individually decorated depicting the history of the breed—Giant Mastiffs in a medieval castle, Norwegian Elkhounds on a Viking ship, and Russian Blue cats in an Imperial Palace are only a few of the booths that were at last year’s event—and give potential pet owners the chance to play with dogs and cats in person and learn about responsible ownership from the experts.

Tickets allow admittance for one day and can be purchased online at

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