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The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation are pleased to debut the fifth podcast in the Genome Barks series.

This week on Genome Barks, Eddie Dziuk, the Chief Operating Officer of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) talks about the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).  Established in 2001, CHIC is a joint venture between the AKC Canine Health Foundation and the OFA that serves as a central database of health information as well as a DNA repository.  Recorded at the North Carolina State Breeders' Symposium jointly sponsored by the American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation, Mr. Dziuk discusses the pros and cons of the two methods of DNA collection, exactly how the “recommended tests” become recommended in the first place, as well as the “gold standard” of genetic tests and how it will impact breeding decisions.

The  Genome Barks podcast series features lectures from the highly successful AKC-CHF Breeders Symposia. Future podcasts will also provide responsible breeders and pet owners an inside look at the work being done by the AKC and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

New podcasts are released every two weeks and can be accessed from either the American Kennel Club website at or the AKC Canine Health Foundation website at – click on “Podcasts”. They will also be available on Apple's iTunes® and at

Clubs are encouraged to add the Genome Barks podcast link to their home pages.  Contact the AKC Canine Health Foundation to obtain graphics and links.American Kennel Club and AKC Canine Health Foundation Release Podcast about CHIC