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The American Kennel Club (AKC) and AKC Pet Insurance are pleased to announce the launch of the AKC Breeder Rewards Program. The program is designed to reward breeders who promote responsible dog ownership.

Beginning November 10th, breeders who register their litters with the AKC can earn up to $10 per puppy for encouraging owners to take additional steps towards responsible dog ownership. Rewards are earned when the puppy owner registers their dog with AKC ($2), activates their 30 days of pet insurance coverage ($5) and downloads the AKC Pet Insurance TailTrax mobile app ($3).

“Responsible dog ownership is key to the health and well-being of dogs, and registration is an important first step for new pet owners,” said Mark Dunn, Executive Vice President of AKC. “AKC Registration not only allows entry into AKC Programs and Events, it comes with 30 days of accident and illness pet insurance coverage, which includes access to a 24/7 vet helpline for 30 days.”

“We are thrilled to launch this exciting new program”, said Lane Kent, President of PetPartners, the administrator of AKC Pet Insurance (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company). “Breeders are the first and most trusted source of information for new puppy owners. At AKC Pet Insurance, our offering today, with TailTrax, access to the Vet Helpline and other high-touch features, is so much more than insurance. Through this new initiative we are reinforcing the value of the breeder to the puppy buyer and equipping both breeder and owner with the tools and resources they need to ensure peace of mind and the health and welfare of the puppy in transition to their new home.”

“Great breeders are the backbone of the AKC and this exciting new program rewards breeders for their commitment to responsible ownership. By ensuring that their puppies are AKC Registered, AKC breeders put their puppy buyers on the path of responsibility while making certain that their puppies have access to pet insurance and health care,” said Dunn.

To learn more about the AKC Breeder Rewards program or to enroll, please visit The AKC Breeder Rewards Program is offered through PetPartners, Inc. Eligibility restrictions and other terms and conditions apply. Please direct any inquiries to AKC Pet Insurance at 800-956-2491 or