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New York, NYThe American Kennel Club® announced today that a new program has been created to help exhibitors who are new to conformation events. AKC Executive Field Staff will conduct new exhibitor briefings at shows which they are scheduled to attend.

“This program comes at a time when AKC wishes to encourage new exhibitors in the sport,” said Robin Stansell, Vice President of Event Operations. “We realize the importance of attracting and retaining newcomers and are taking this proactive approach to increase the likelihood that each participant will have a positive experience at his or her first dog show.”

Briefings will be scheduled on Saturdays. Clubs may hold briefings during Sunday shows by special request to the AKC Judging Operations Department. Announcements for the briefing times will be included in the shows’ premium lists and judging programs. Clubs who hold new exhibitor briefings will be given credit towards their educational requirements. For more information on AKC’s new exhibitor program, please contact Susan Judge at or 919-816-3590.