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New York, NYThe American Kennel Club is pleased to announce that its publications and individual work appearing in its pages received 11 nominations from the Dog Writers Association of America as part of its 2006 writing competition. For the first time ever, AKC Family Dog received a nomination in the Best All-Breed Magazine category.

AKC Family Dog, created in 2003, joins its older sister publication, the AKC Gazette, in the category of Best All-Breed magazine. The AKC Gazette has won the coveted Maxwell medallion in this category twice before.

“We are very pleased to receive nominations for our two flagship magazines, but we are equally delighted to receive a nomination in the special publication category for our publication that best promotes responsible dog ownership, the AKC New Puppy Handbook, which is sent to every new owner of an AKC-registered dog,” said AKC Associate Publisher John Woods. “And we couldn’t be more proud of our own AKC Features Editor Mara Bovsun who garnered an individual nomination for her feature, “Going Under Anesthesia” in the AKC Gazette.”

The AKC Gazette is the flagship magazine of the American Kennel Club.  Published monthly since 1889, it is recognized as the official journal for the sport of purebred dogs.

AKC Family Dog magazine is written for purebred pet owners.  Published bimonthly by the American Kennel Club, the publication features expert advice on behavior, training, grooming and health.  Edited in a reader friendly and entertaining style, it’s a lifestyle magazine for today’s busy families who want to enjoy a rewarding, mutually beneficial relationship with their purebred dog.

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Complete nominations for AKC Publications and work published in its pages include:

  • Magazine: all-breed

    • AKC Family Dog

    • AKC Gazette

  • Magazine: yearbook/annual/special publication

    • AKC New Puppy Handbook

  • Magazine: feature in all breed magazine

    • Mara Bovsun, “Going Under” (AKC Gazette, March 2006)

    • Jane Brackman, “Dogs Gone Wild” (AKC Gazette, Feb. 2006)

    • Matthew Schenker, “Clearing the Lines” (AKC Gazette, Feb. 2006)

  • Magazine: subject related series

    • Susan McCullough & David Allen Feller, Breed Profiles (AKC Gazette)

  • Newspaper, magazine or newsletter: editorial/opinion/essay

    • Kerrin Winter Churchill, “The Kindness of Strangers” (AKC Gazette, Dec. 05)

  • Short fiction

    • Andree Eisenberg, “The Perfect Pup” (AKC Family Dog, July/Aug 2006) 

  • Photography: color or black and white

    • Carol Beuchat, Ibizan Hound cover (AKC Gazette, June 2006)

  • Illustration: series

    • Jennifer Taylor, “Something In the Way They Move” (AKC Family Dog)


Winners will be announced at the DWAA Annual Awards Banquet in Manhattan on February 11, 2007.