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AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailers help to create a safe, temporary home-base for at least 50 pets immediately after a disaster is declared. Co-location shelters, where people can evacuate with their pets, as well as emergency animal shelters for displaced animals can be created. The trailers house and deliver essential supplies such as fans, lighting and generators; cleaning supplies; maintenance items; and animal care items including crates and carries, microchips and a scanner as well as bowls, collars and leashes.

“We want to help our local community be prepared to help people and their pets for any disaster and its aftermath,” said Chattanooga Kennel Club Corresponding Secretary Nancy Pearl. “We’re proud to donate this trailer to the Cleveland-Bradley County Emergency Management Agency to assist in their future disaster response efforts.”

Bradley County Emergency Management Agency Director Troy Spence said, “This brand-new trailer will allow our agency to help pets during natural disasters for the first time ever. The efforts of the members of the Chattanooga Kennel Club and other donors are appreciated by those of us who want to ensure the safety of our pets.”

The purchase of the trailer for Cleveland-Bradley County Emergency Management was made possible by $22,000 in donations and grants from Tennessee’s Chattanooga Kennel Club, the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, the Field Spaniel Society of America, The Chow Chow Club, the Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA, the American Belgian Tervuren Club, the Havanese Club of America and AKC Reunite.

Individuals, corporations and other interested parties can donate to trailer projects in local areas or across the country. Donations are tax deductible and accepted online.  Approved organizations that raise a minimum of $1,000 will have their logo featured on the AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer.

Learn more about how to get involved in AKC Pet Disaster Relief at or contact us at 919-816-3980 and

AKC Pet Disaster Relief, a national program dedicated to keeping pets and their owners safe in the…