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New York, NY – The American Kennel Club announced today that it is now accepting listings for AKC Online Breeder Classifieds (AKC OBC), a new web-based service designed to bring breeders of AKC-registrable puppies together with potential pet owners. A breeder of an AKC-registered litter in good standing with the AKC may place a listing on the site by selecting the OBC option on the Litter Registration form or by returning the OBC application they receive in their litter registration kit or via the AKC web site at The listings will go live and be available to prospective puppy buyers in late October.

As an introductory offer, breeders with AKC litters may sign up for the AKC OBC service free of charge until November 1, 2004. Beyond that date, the cost to list a litter is $25 for 60 days. Breeders also have a one-time option to re-list their ad and have the ability to update the information while it’s posted.

“We are pleased to introduce a service which we feel offers tremendous benefits to both the public and our breeders,” said Dennis B. Sprung, AKC President and CEO. “With well over 1 million unique visitors coming to our web site each month, the public looks to the AKC as the ultimate resource on purebred dogs, giving us an opportunity to assist and educate them.”

The listings will include the breeders’ contact information and details about the litter (such as birth date, number of males/females, sire and dam names, titles, DNA and OFA). Potential puppy buyers may search the database by breed, state, or zip code and then contact the breeder directly for more information.

In addition, to assist potential puppy buyers in making informed decisions and to allow breeders to showcase the quality of their breeding programs, each listing will feature a “Breeder Profile.” Breeders may indicate if they:

• Are a member of their breed’s AKC Parent Club/local specialty club or an AKC All-Breed club

• Conduct health screenings and guarantee the puppy’s health

• Provide a written bill of sale

• Accept puppies back if any issues arise

• Have breeding stock DNA certified by the AKC

• Provide puppy buyers with important information like advice on socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations and vet care at the time of sale

While searching the listings, visitors to the site will be exposed to various information that will help them make informed decisions about finding the right breed for their lifestyle, identifying and choosing a responsible breeder (including the primary source of looking for a puppy which is through the Parent Club and their Breeder Referral) and the responsibilities of being a dog owner. This information will be presented prior to allowing the visitor to run a search. In addition, a list of questions that prospective buyers should ask the breeder will automatically be included in the listing report when the user prints the search results.

“This initiative will provide the AKC with yet another opportunity to assist pet owners, and at the same time, educate them about dog ownership, the value of AKC registration, the benefits of AKC clubs and the many other resources within our network,” added Sprung. “Most importantly, we have an opportunity to encourage prospective buyers to make informed decisions by visiting the breeder’s home; seeing the litter, dam, and possibly the sire; and, the environment in which the puppies are raised.”

Breeders seeking more information should visit or call AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767.