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AKC Family Dog, a new consumer lifestyle magazine with a focus on the purebred pet dog, makes its debut with the Spring 2003 issue. This premier issue of the new quarterly magazine from The American Kennel Club is a special “Puppies Edition,” focusing on topics that help new or prospective dog owners welcome their young pet.

AKC Family Dog appeals to pet owners by providing a broad range of columns, departments and feature articles from a panel of nationally recognized authorities, veterinarians, and experts. Each issue will provide “how-to’s,” news updates, and vital information to help owners learn about “all the best” for their purebred dog.

“Dogs are cherished members of the family in nearly half the households in the U.S. No organization is better prepared to offer a wealth of fascinating and timely information about our four-legged friends than the AKC,” said George Berger, Publisher of AKC Magazines. “We want to enhance the pet-ownership experience for both people and their canine companions.”

Some regular columns and departments will include:

  • “Why Does My Dog Do That?”– Renowned canine behaviorist Nicholas Dodman will explain some of the interesting, odd and amusing things dogs do;
  • “Training1-2-3” — Top training professionals and columnist Mordecai Siegal will offer easy and fun ways to teach dogs to be happy and well behaved companions;
  • “Ask Dr. Kevin” — Animal Planet network’s Emergency Vets star Kevin Fitzgerald answers questions dog owners ask most about canine care and health;
  • “Problem Solver”– Expert Jodi Andersen offers helpful advice on how to deal with common problems such as barking, and housebreaking “mistakes”;
  • “Once Upon a Dog” — Will profile notable dogs in history such as Balto, the sled dog that led an emergency team carrying lifesaving diphtheria vaccine across the rugged Alaskan tundra

Approximately one million purebred dogs are registered with the AKC each year. Upon registration, all customers will receive an issue of AKC Family Dog. Full-year subscriptions will be offered bundled with the “gold” AKC registration package, which also includes registration, a video on care and training, and a 3-generation pedigree for $40. Subscriptions will also be sold individually for $8.95 and available on or through insert cards in other AKC publications.

AKC Family Dog will complement the AKC Gazette, the official journal for the sport of purebred dogs.