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New York, NY — The Board of Directors of The American Kennel Club® recently adopted a new Judging Approval Policy, which includes a procedure for the removal of approved breeds. Other revisions clarify the policy by more specifically defining the requirements. All changes are effective January 1, 2007.

"Several substantive changes have been made that are intended to maintain and upgrade the high standard of American Kennel Club approved judges and enhance their progression toward additional breeds," said AVP of Dog Show Judges Darrell L. Hayes.

Highlights of the new policy include:

  • The "New Breed Alternate Method" has replaced the "60-Point Method" for new breed applicants. The "New Breed Alternate Method" criterion focuses on hands-on, breed-specific experience, therefore raising the bar to be more consistent with the current "12-5-4 Method" requirements.

  • Once approved as a judge, the 13 breed limit for applying for additional breeds, subject to all other existing limitations, will be raised to 14 at all levels. This move will put all groups within reach in two applications.

  • Judges applying for additional breeds will no longer be required to wait a year from the previous staff committee action.

  • Also, in order to recapture the interest and support of mentoring judges and show committees, the "in-ring observation" component has been replaced by the "ringside observation" component.  This will make more opportunities available to more judges working toward additional breeds.

  • A new procedure for removing approved breeds has been developed, closely patterned after the existing provisional protocol.         

You are encouraged to read the policy in its entirety in the May 10, 2006 AKC Board minutes or on the AKC® website.