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The American Kennel Club® is pleased to announce that Online Record Keeping, a new service for breeders of AKC® registered litters and dogs, is now available. Any breeder with a My AKC account now has access to this free service, which provides a centralized area to manage and maintain dog and litter records online.

“We are pleased to offer breeders of AKC dogs this new complimentary online feature to help them manage their dog and litter information,” said David Roberts, Assistant Vice President of Registration and Customer Service. “Breeders can access their personalized breeding, ownership, and registration records from any computer with internet access at any time. This service is only the beginning of a variety of online features planned for the future.”

With the new Online Record Keeping service, breeders can record mating and birth information for litters and view official AKC litter registration information including dog registration status for all puppies in a litter. There is also a handy address book function that gives breeders an easy place to store contact information for co-owners and puppy buyers. And the AKC’s secure, password protected breeder record service keeps your information secure and private.

In addition to being able to record and view information, breeders can also quickly print AKC Dog Ownership, Breeding, and Litter records. If the breeder completes the necessary fields in the record-keeping system, all of the information required for AKC record-keeping rules and regulations will be pre-populated on these forms.

This new service also allows a breeder to record sale and ownership information for the puppies and to manage puppy records by adding notes about breeding and whelping. For those breeders that have already taken advantage of online dog registration to record sale and new ownership information for their puppies, this information has been moved to the Online Record Keeping section of My AKC for easier access.

If you have an authenticated My AKC account (or want to start one – just go to the home page on the upper right hand box and start the quick process), maintaining your dog and litter records online is just a click away.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

1. Login to your My AKC account.
2. Sign up for Online Record Keeping services from the main page.
3. Go to the My Dogs and Litters section.
4. Click Breeder Records to view, create and maintain breeder records, view AKC litter and puppy registration information, and manage puppy records.

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