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The AKC Board of Directors, at its April 7-8, 2003 meeting, reviewed the cost of the Events Department and the necessity for the users and beneficiaries of AKC services to share in at least a portion of these costs.

Effective for events held on and after January 1, 2004, AKC will collect a $1.50 AKC Event Service Fee for the first entry of a dog in all AKC licensed and member dog shows, obedience trials, tracking tests, field trials and hunting tests. The current $.50 recording fee will continue to be collected.

For any performance events with a current $1.00 recording fee, there will be an additional $1.00 AKC Event Service Fee collected for events held on and after January 1, 2004.

As there is currently a $3.00 recording fee for agility, earthdog, lure coursing, and herding events, there will be no AKC Event Service Fee.

It is the intent of the Board to meet future revenue shortfalls in the Events area by attempting to find alternate revenues and by instituting additional cost savings.