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The American Kennel Club (AKC®), a not-for-profit organization, the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is proud to announce that this year marks AKC GoodDog Helpline’s 10th anniversary.

Created with responsible ownership in mind, AKC GoodDog Helpline is a live telephone service that offers individualized training advice for all owners and their dogs, ranging from puppies to senior dogs exhibiting new, unwanted behaviors. With an AKC GoodDog Helpline subscription, owners get instant access to a team of trainers available seven days a week for all training questions. Additionally, AKC GoodDog Helpline has recently released Video Training Consultations where dog owners can schedule 20 minutes of live one-on-one virtual assistance.

“We are proud to have given 10 years of support to nearly a million puppy and dog owners,” said Penny Leigh, Director, AKC GoodDog Helpline. “Our trainers work with clients to create individualized plans that work best for their puppies and families and set a foundation for many years of happy and responsible dog ownership.”

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