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AKC Publications Garner Additional DWAA Awards


New York, NY- The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) is proud to announce that the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has honored AKC Family Dog with its “Best All-Breed Magazine” award. AKC Publications also won six additional awards at the DWAA awards banquet held on February 9, 2014.

“The awards garnered by AKC Family Dog and the AKC Gazette continue a tradition of excellence by our contributors and editors that spans more than 100 years,” said Editorial Director, Erika Mansourian. “We thank both the DWAA for this recognition as well as the pet owners and dog fanciers that have embraced the publications.”


AKC Family Dog, published bimonthly, is the American Kennel Club’s lifestyle magazine for today’s busy dog lovers who want to enjoy the most rewarding, mutually happy relationship with their special dog. Regular columns include information on natural therapies, nutrition, health-care, and much more.

The AKC Gazette, published monthly online, has been recognized since 1889 as the official journal for the sport of purebred dogs.


DWAA Awards won by AKC Publications:


AKC Family Dog 

Best All-Breed Magazine

Article, Health and General Care
Lisa Waddle, “Sadie’s Seizures” 

Article, Behavior and Training
Mara Bovsun, “She Caught a Chuting Star” 

Article, Rescue
Penny Leigh, “From Alley to Rally” 


AKC Gazette

Best Online Magazine, Newsletter

Series of Illustrations or Paintings
Bud Boccone, “Dog People” 

Online Column
Marianne Sullivan, “Collies” 


Other AKC winners

Hall of Fame Inductee: Mary Burch

Internet, Website or Blog: AKC Canine Health Foundation

Radio, Podcast, or Other Audio: Sarah Montague, Lisa Peterson &
Stephanie Smith, “AKC Pick of the Litter” podcast #15


AKC Sponsored Awards
AKC presented awards recognizing communications excellence to the following individuals:

DWAA Distinguished Service Award: Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award: Leila Grandemange for “The Best Gift You Will Ever Give Your Dog” from The Royal Spaniels

AKC Club Publication Excellence Award: Teresa West-Holmes for “Collar Entrapment, Strangulation and CPCR Techniques” from The Ridgeback

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AKC Publications Garner Additional DWAA Awards —

New York, NY- The American Kennel Club®…