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New chip to provide more affordable alternative for veterinarians and animal shelters

Raleigh, NC – In its continuing effort to improve the pet recovery process in America, the American Kennel Club's Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) announced that it is introducing a revolutionary new microchip identification system to the market.  The new AKC Companion Animal Recovery ID System™ microchip is technologically superior and more affordable than microchips currently on the market.

AKC CAR and Electronic ID Devices, Ltd. (EID) have entered a distribution agreement, where AKC CAR has become the exclusive distributor of TROVAN microchips in the United States companion animal market. TROVAN transponders have been in production and used in a variety of applications since 1991, using the most modern operational and manufacturing technologies available.

The new AKC Companion Animal Recovery ID System™ microchips comply with the installed reader base used for identifying lost microchipped animals in most shelters throughout the United States. Additionally, the AKC CAR microchip is smaller than other microchips.

“This new system will provide veterinarians, animal shelters, breeders and pet owners an alternative to the more expensive microchips currently being offered in the market,” said Dr. Carmen Battaglia, President and CEO of AKC CAR.  “Our commitment is to increase the number of pets microchipped and enrolled in our recovery service in order to increase the number of lost pets that we recover.”

Through a newly-designed delivery system, the AKC CAR microchip is implanted between the shoulder blades just below the skin of the pet.  The two-piece, patented delivery system places the microchip in the pet while the lancet is simply retracted, leaving the chip in the precise location intended.  Other applicators push the microchip out of a needle into the skin creating a risk of breakage and imprecise placement. Additionally, the AKC CAR microchip is smaller than other microchips and less likely to migrate.

There are many reasons to support the AKC Companion Animal Recovery ID System™. AKC CAR:

  • Is the nation’s largest not-for-profit recovery service

  • Provides a live operator, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Has enrolled over 3.5 million animals and recovered over 320,000

  • Has a long-term commitment to the pets in the database

  • Funds veterinary student scholarships, search and rescue teams, and disaster relief

  • Continues to offer free updates to the pet’s record


Upon enrollment, every pet owner receives a FREE metal collar tag containing the pet’s microchip number and the AKC CAR recovery hotline (1-800-252-7894). The tag is a critical part of the recovery process, particularly if the pet is found by an ordinary citizen without a microchip scanner.

“AKC CAR has worked diligently to identify and distribute a superior microchipping system,” continued Dr. Battaglia.  “We are confident that this new microchip will lead to even more pet recoveries.”

For more information on the AKC Companion Animal Recovery ID System™, visit or call 1-800-252-7894.