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–AKC CAR Pledges 25 Universal Microchip Scanners to Shelters In Support of GA House Bill 1106–

AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), the nation’s largest and only non-profit pet recovery service, recently pledged 25 Proscan 700 universal microchip scanners to Georgia shelters in support of Georgia House Bill 1106.

HB 1106, sponsored by Georgia State Representative Gene Maddox and Georgia State Senator Greg Goggans requires shelters statewide to scan pets for microchips twice, first as part of the initial intake procedure at the shelter and then again just prior to euthanasia to make sure the microchip was not missed the first time around. The law will take effect on July 1, 2010.

Before passage, supporters worried that the potential costs to state shelters would doom the legislation. AKC CAR stepped up to the plate and pledged to donate up to 25 universal scanners to shelters if the bill passed, thus negating any financial impact on the shelters. The pledged scanners read all microchip types sold in the United States, increasing the odds that a pet will be reunited with its owner if it is turned into a shelter. HomeAgain and Bayer also pledged 20 each. This donation ensures that shelters will have the resources needed to ensure that thousands of pets each year will have one more chance at life.

“We’re pleased to have played a significant role in the passage of this bill since we strive to recover as many missing pets as possible,” said Tom Sharp, CEO of AKC Companion Animal Recovery. “The requirement set out by the new law to scan an animal twice is truly a life-saving measure and will have a large impact on animal control in the state of Georgia. With this donation, no shelter will face negative financial impact from the legislation if they do not own a universal microchip scanner.”

Lost pets with microchips are up to 20 times more likely to return home. Microchips about the size of a grain of rice are implanted between the shoulder blades of companion animals as identification. Most shelters scan pets for microchips as part of their intake process and owners are reunited with their pet if the number that appears on the scanner is enrolled in a pet recovery database like AKC Companion Animal Recovery. AKC CAR has reunited more than 360,000 lost pets since its inception in 1995.

For more about microchipping your pet or requesting a universal scanner donation from AKC Companion Animal Recovery, visit