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AKC Chairman Ron Menaker has appointed a committee to evaluate all areas of possible conflict of interest within the AKC and the sport. The committee will review conflict provisions now in place and make recommendations for possible modifications or additions, if deemed necessary. Its goal is a wide-ranging and thorough study of how, or if, conflict of interest situations warrant further regulation. Consistency of policy in all areas is an important criteria.



David C. Merriam, Chair (AKC Vice Chairman)
Judi Daniels (Chair of Delegates By-law Committee)
Dennis B. Sprung (COO, AKC)
Helen Lee James (All-breed judge from judges community)
Jim Smith (Former AKC Chairman, judge and exhibitor)
Secretary: Jim Crowley (AKC Executive Secretary)
Advisor: Michael Swick (AKC General Counsel)



The committee will be charged with a thorough investigation of all possible conflict of interest situations, to include but not limited to the following:

1. Delegate eligibility
2. Judge eligibility
3. AKC employees in the sport
4. Judges, handlers, and exhibitors
5. Breeder judges and exhibitors
6. Commercial breeders and AKC
7. Foreign judges assignments in the USA
8. Transfer of ownership between breeders, judges, exhibitors and handlers
9. Loans, gifts, and business transactions between judges, handlers and owners
10. Judges and exhibitors serving on the same boards



The committee will be instructed to draw up a plan and a timetable for its work. It will be required to make periodic reports to the Chairman on its progress. A final date for completion should be set.