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— Scholarships Awarded With Support from Royal Canin, American Veterinary Medical Foundation, AKC Companion Animal Recovery and AKC Canine Health Foundation —

The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) announced today it has awarded scholarships to fifteen students from ten American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited schools of veterinary medicine. The generous support of Royal Canin, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, AKC Companion Animal Recovery and the AKC Canine Health Foundation made the 2010-2011 scholarships possible.

“We’ve been supporting veterinary students for nearly two decades and we’re happy to continue assisting hard-working individuals that have dedicated themselves to the health and well-being of dogs and other companion animals,” said Debra Bonnefond, Director of Veterinary Outreach. “Many thanks go to our partnering organizations whose sponsorship year after year makes these scholarships possible.”

The AKC Scholarship Program for Veterinary Medicine has existed for 19 years, and the awards are given annually. Each AVMA accredited U.S. veterinary school is asked to nominate four scholarship candidates.  From these students, the recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, activities with purebred dogs or related research, and need.

“Royal Canin is privileged to sponsor our U.S. veterinary school students through the American Kennel Club’s Veterinary Outreach program,” said Jeff Kellerman DVM, MBA, Scientific Support Manager.  “As the leader in research and innovation in companion animal nutrition, Royal Canin sees this as an opportunity to continue our commitment to building long-term relationships with the future leaders of the veterinary profession and advancing animal nutrition and care.”

“As the largest national veterinarian-directed animal charity, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation’s mission is to embrace and advance the well-being and medical care of animals,” said Mike Cathey, Executive Director of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. “Veterinary education plays a large part in fulfilling that mission, so we’re very pleased to be offering the AVMF Award again this year.”

“The AKC Canine Health Foundation strives to improve the quality of life for dogs and their owners, so we’re proud to provide scholarships for future vets who aspire to do the same,” said Erika Werne, Director of Education & Communications. “Named after our longtime director and founder, this scholarship is unique in that it supports students pursuing dual degrees in veterinary medicine and research, two areas of vast importance to AKC CHF.”

“Veterinarian support of microchipping pets plays an integral role in responsible pet ownership,” said Tom Sharp, CEO of AKC CAR. “We are pleased to award scholarships to these well-deserving veterinary school students as we continue to gain support and build relationships within the veterinary community.”


The 2010-2011 Veterinary Scholarship Recipients are:

Chairman’s Award ($7,000.00) – Sponsored by Royal Canin:
Emily Meyer – North Carolina State University (2012)

President’s Award ($4,000.00) –  Sponsored by Royal Canin:
Kristin Coleman – Auburn University (2012)

Dr. Asa Mays Award ($4,000.00) – Sponsored by Royal Canin:
Katherine Megquier – Tufts University (2012)

AKC/AVMF Award ($6,000.00) – Sponsored by the AKC and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation:
Joseph Esch – The Ohio State University (2012)

Robert L. Kelly Memorial Scholarship ($2,500.00) – Sponsored by AKC Canine Health Foundation:

  • Emily Cathleen Marcus – Colorado State University (2011)

  • Jonathan H. Wood – University of Pennsylvania (2012)

AKC/CAR Award ($2,500.00) – Sponsored by AKC Companion Animal Recovery:

  • Jill Cadmus – Colorado State University (2013)

  • Rebecca Csomos – University of Pennsylvania (2012)

AKC Veterinary Outreach Award ($2,000.00) – Sponsored by the AKC and Royal Canin:

  • Jennifer Pultz – Colorado State University (2012)

  • Jared Coren – Cornell University (2011)

  • Chad Malinak – Louisiana State University (2012)

  • Heather Grodi – Michigan State University (2012)

  • Kimberly Hitt – Mississippi State University (2012)

  • Adam King – North Carolina State University (2011)

  • Cynthia Willson – North Carolina State University (2011)