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— New Scholarship Awarded in Honor of Dr. Asa Mays —

New York, NY – The American Kennel Club® today announced it has awarded scholarships to 23 students from 16 U.S. accredited schools of veterinary medicine. These scholarships include the Chairman's award, the President’s award and the newly established Dr. Asa Mays award, each in the amount of $15,000. In addition, 20 AKC/Companion Animal Recovery scholarships of $5,000 each were awarded.

“It is our intention to remember Dr. Asa Mays for his spirit and contributions to veterinary medicine and the sport of purebred dogs, so that future generations may follow in his footsteps,” said Keith Frazier, Assistant Vice-President of Audit and Control. “The American Kennel Club's Veterinary Outreach Program along with the generous support of AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) is proud to once again honor some of the top veterinary students in the country.”

The Dr. Asa Mays award is offered in honor of the prestigious veterinarian, lifetime dog fancier, and AKC Board of Director. Dr. Mays was a founding board member of the AKC Canine Health Foundation and served many clubs in his more than 35 years of dedication to the sport. He was a Diplomat of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, Director of Laboratory Animal Medicine at Indiana University and served as a manager of strategic bio-informatics for an animal health pharmaceutical manufacturer.

“As the foremost authority on purebred dogs, AKC lends its knowledge to assist aspiring and current veterinary practitioners in promoting the best care for all dogs,” said Debra Bonnefond, Director of Veterinary Outreach. “We offer resources such as background information to practitioners and their clients, support for research, and scholarships for our future practitioners and researchers.”

Each accredited U.S. veterinary school is asked to nominate four scholarship candidates. From these students, the recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, activities with purebred dogs or related research, and need.

The AKC Scholarship Program for Veterinary Medicine has existed for 15 years, and the awards are given annually.


The 2006 Veterinary Scholarship Recipients are:

Chairman's Award ($15,000)

  • Leslie Andermann – Louisiana State University

Dr. Asa Mays Award ($15,000)

  • Pamela Jane Mueller – Cornell University

President's Award ($15,000)

  • Bethany Moore – Texas A & M University

AKC/CAR Award ($5,000)

  • Elizabeth DeHaye – Auburn University

  • Holly Niece Tuttle – Colorado State University

  • Katrine Voie – Louisiana State University

  • Erin Horan – Michigan State University

  • Amanda Chrzanowski – Michigan State University

  • Adrienne Haselden – Mississippi State University

  • Lauren Boccanfusco – North Carolina State University

  • Shannon Donoho – North Carolina State University

  • Mary-Keara Boss – North Carolina State University

  • Treyton Jai Diggs – Tuskegee University

  • Katie Halfen – Tufts University

  • Patrice Nicholas – University of California- Davis

  • Jay Newman – Univeristy of Florida

  • Angela Corn Yates – University of Illinois- Champaign/Urbana

  • Alina Evans – University of Minnesota

  • Robinette Dunahugh-Ralston – University of Minnesota

  • Rachel Toaff-Rosenstein – University of Pennsylvania

  • Michelle Mooney – University of Pennsylvania

  • Leah Chew – University of Tennessee

  • Gregory Kuhlman – University of Wisconsin