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Joanne Johnson, Souix Falls, SD
OTCH Jo’s Xpensif Hobi O’Redfield UDX MX AXJ
Shetland SheepdogLouise Fox Meredith/Anne Marie Silverton, Tehachapi, CA
CH OTCH Highland Limited Edition UDX
Border Collie

Dr. Jose Martinez/Caryl Martinez, Council Bluffs, IA
OTCH Tanbarks Road To Glory UDX
Golden Retriever

Barbara Anderson, Junction City, OR
OTCH Redtop Rio UDX
Border Collie

This exciting new event will be held on Sunday March 7th at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England. Teams from a number of countries worldwide have been invited to compete.

The new International Obedience Test will use a mixture of tests taken from the Kennel Club Obedience schedule, the 2002 FCI World Obedience Championships and the American Kennel Club Obedience program.

The Crufts Show Committee has selected Mrs. Linda White, a well-respected UK Championship Obedience Judge to take charge of this inaugural competition.

For the winning team and for the most successful handler and dog, awards will be offered, as well as for those placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in each competition.

Come along to England and support the USA Obedience Team – leaving March 4th – returning March 8th. For more information on group travel, please contact Chris Miele,

The following is an overview of the test scheduled for the competition:

Heelwork – Normal, slow and fast pace – may include left/right/about turns, figure eights, weaving poles/markers and circles. Also multiple or combination turns e.g. double left about turn or left about turn/left turn. 60 points

Retrieve dumbbell over Hurdle – Wooden dumbbell supplied, hurdle set at 2 ft (or lower depending on height of dog). 30 points

Directed Retrieve – Three wooden dumbbells set out in a straight line. Judge indicates to handler which dumbbell their dog is required to retrieve (this may vary from dog to dog). Dog is sent to retrieve the dumbbell and to present it to the handler and finish. 50 points

Distance Control – Dog to be left in a sit position, dog recalled to handler. At halfway point the dog is to be stopped in either a sit, down or stand position selected at the judge’s discretion. Four instructions to be given in the same order for each dog. The Handler will then return to the dog. 50 points

2 – minute sit/stay – Handler out of sight. 20 points

Scent Discrimination – The Handler’s scent on a marked cloth supplied by the Judge. There must be a minimum of 6 and up to a maximum of 10 scent cloths, the total must include one decoy cloth, and the cloth provided by the judge. The pattern of cloths is at the Judge’s discretion. 50 points

Send away sit and recall – On command of Judge the handler is to bring the dog to the place indicated, set up the dog and stand upright. On further command, the handler will send the dog in the direction indicated by the Judge. After the dog has been commanded to sit or down, at the handlers discretion, the handler will call the dog to heel while walking where directed by the Judge. Both will then continue forward until ordered to halt. 30 points

Total 300 points