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Maybe you’d like to spend a year in Italy, but you can’t bear to leave your dog for that long. Or you’re accepting a new job and must move your household, including your dog, across the country or across the ocean. Plane travel with your dog has always been complicated, but pet-friendly planes offer a solution with lots of benefits for you and your

What’s a Pet-Friendly Plane?

Pet-friendly planes are private jet services that allow your dog to ride comfortably with you in the cabin, no matter the dog’s size or breed. Dogs are not required to ride in crates under the seat or in the cargo area of the plane. They can sit on your lap or lie by your side and will be under your supervision from the time you leave home until you reach your destination.

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K9 JETS is a service that allows you to travel with your pets in the cabin with a pay-per-seat charter service on private planes. From airports in New Jersey, Los Angeles, London, and Dubai, they use private jets to fly human and pet passengers to Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Melbourne, Honolulu, Dallas, and West Palm Beach. The jets accommodate up to 10 human passengers and their pets. Dogs are not required to ride in crates.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Airlines

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Commercial airlines have many restrictions when it comes to flying with dogs. Small dogs must remain in airline-approved carriers that fit under the seat, and the number of dogs allowed in the cabin at one time may be limited. Large dogs must ride in cargo, and if temperatures are less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit (F) or higher than 85 degrees F, dogs may not be allowed to fly at all. Flying in small carriers or warm environments can be dangerous for brachycephalic breeds.

Cargo pet transportation is also not always a financially viable option. Along some routes, cargo transportation is getting more expensive. Some trips now costs triple or quadruple what they once did, adding more layers of consideration to choosing cargo transportation for your dog on flights.

Pet-friendly private airline services that allow your dog to ride with you uncrated in the cabin eliminate these problems. K9 JETS reduces stress by allowing you and your dog to arrive at private terminals at the airport just 60 minutes before departure, where there are no lines for customs or security. During the flight, the dog will remain with you and be able to stretch and stay comfortable. There are no size or breed restrictions.

Preparing to Travel with Your Dog

If you’re traveling to another country, you will most likely need an international health certificate and a veterinary health certificate for your dog. Health requirements can include blood tests, vaccinations, current rabies vaccine and certificate, and an internationally compliant microchip, so it’s a good idea to work with your veterinarian well in advance of travel to set a schedule. Specific requirements can change at any time, therefore it’s best to verify the country’s requirements each time you travel with your dog.

To help you meet the requirements of pet travel, K9 JETS provides a comprehensive service from the time of booking to arrival at the destination. The company can assist passengers in gaining the necessary clearance for their destination. They also organize a pre-flight briefing video call between passengers to answer questions and give pet owners the opportunity to learn what other pets they can expect to be with on their flight.

Before departure, K9 JETS passengers will find grassy areas adjacent to all private terminals for dogs to use. During the flight, an attendant is available to look after human and canine needs. And upon arrival at the destination, an airline service team will come onto the plane to scan your dog’s microchip and cross-reference the precleared paperwork.

How to Get Your Dog Ready for Flying

Some dogs will relax and sleep through their first plane ride, while others may find the experience stressful. Here are a few steps you can take to help make flying a positive experience for your dog.

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  • Have your dog thoroughly checked out by your veterinarian. Be sure there are no health issues that could interfere with pleasant and stress-free travel.
  • A dog who has never been away from your house, yard, and neighborhood may be anxious when you take them on a trip. Take your dog to local shopping centers and into stores with automatic doors. Give them yummy treats and ensure the visits are a positive experience.
  • Ride in an elevator with your dog. Visit a dog-friendly office building or hotel and allow your dog to experience the up-and-down motion calmly with your encouragement.
  • Visit an airport with your dog. Allow your dog to hear the noise of planes and to experience the movement of people and luggage. You might also try playing some recordings of planes while you’re at home.
  • On the day of your flight, give your dog plenty of exercise before you head to the airport. Don’t feed your dog for several hours before you fly, and allow them time to relieve themselves before you get on the plane.
  • Stay calm yourself. Your dog will pick up on your mood, and if you’re stressed, they will more likely feel stressed, too.

K9 JETS is the World’s first, pet dedicated pay-per-seat, shared private jet charter service, which enables you to travel with your beloved four-legged family member beside you in the cabin. We are dedicated to raising the bar on pet travel, to ensure your furry companion can travel safely next to you, in the comfortable surroundings of a private jet cabin. Absolutely no crates, no dark cargo spaces, no quarantine, and most importantly no undue stress for pets and owners. We make every journey seamless and provide exceptional levels of customer service of every step of the way, creating memorable experiences.