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Diggs Revol Dog Crate

When you’re feeling stressed, you probably head off to your couch or bedroom to decompress, and a dog’s crate serves the same purpose for pups. The crate provides dogs with a safe space to go when they need to relax or take a nap.

Because it’s sure to become a beloved sanctuary for your dog, choosing the best crate for your canine’s unique needs is vital. Let’s examine what to look for when choosing the perfect crate for your pup.

Why Crate Training is Important

Not only will the right crate give your dog a spot to de-stress, but crate training can also help with potty training. That’s because dogs treat the crate as their den so they won’t soil within this space, says Los Angeles dog trainer Kevin Ryan of

When you put your dog in the crate, you won’t typically have to worry about accidents. Plus, it helps teach puppies how to stay calm when they’re alone. That makes it both a wonderful training aid and a safe getaway for your dog.

To get started with training right away, consider the Diggs Revol Dog Crate that sets up in minutes with its unique collapsible design and comes in a variety of sizes.

Crate Size Matters

Size is the most important feature of your dog’s crate. You’ll need a crate that has enough space for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably, recommends Dr. Georgina Ushi Phillips, a veterinarian with the Not a Bully website.

While you may think that bigger is better, lots of extra space could encourage your pup to soil within the crate if there’s enough room to sit away from the mess. “In order to prevent potty breaks from happening in the crate, you want a crate that grows with your puppy instead of a crate that your puppy grows into,” says Ushi Phillips.

The Diggs Revol Dog Crate is perfect for potty training puppies because it has a removable divider that you can adjust as your little one grows. This way, you can invest in a high-quality adult-sized crate like the Revol while your dog is still a puppy. Plus, Diggs can help you find your dog’s ideal crate size.

Choose a Sturdy Crate

While most dogs are pretty chill when spending time in the crate, others may become a little destructive. For this reason, you’ll want a sturdy crate that will stand the test of time. One with well-ventilated wire mesh sides works best because this way you can monitor your dog easily from any angle in the room, says Ryan.

Diggs created the Revol Dog Crate with your dog’s safety in mind. It’s made from strong, non-toxic materials that won’t rust. Plus, it features rounded corners and a single-piece, sturdy, diamond-mesh frame that helps prevent injuries to paws and jaws.

The Diggs Groov Crate Training Aid is a great way to keep your dog busy while in their crate.

Look for Crates with Multiple Entrances

Dog trainer Jesse Sternberg of Toronto, Canada recommends choosing a crate with multiple access points. “The multi-door option lets you find the perfect corner of your living room to angle it in,” he says.

Multiple doors also provide your dog with easy access to the crate at all times, which is especially good for older dogs with mobility issues. And a top door is best for small dogs and young puppies because you can easily reach in and scoop them up when you need to clean out their crate, says Dr. Ushi Phillips.

The Diggs Revol Dog Crate has a ceiling hatch on top to easily drop in treats, a front door, and a garage-style door on the side. These doors provide an open-concept feel and easy access for senior pups.

Easy Cleaning is a Must

Crates can get dirty pretty quickly, especially during potty training when accidents are more likely, so you’ll want to make the cleaning process as easy as possible. Dr. Ushi Phillips recommends crates made from metal and plastic that are the simplest to keep clean. And Ryan says that collapsible wire crates with a pull-out tray minimize cleaning time.

Products like the Diggs Revol Dog Crate feature aluminum and steel construction with a cleaning-friendly plastic coating. Best of all, there’s a convenient pull-out tray at the base that slides out for easy washing.

Ensure that the Crate is Portable

Not only are portable crates with wheels great for traveling with your dog, you can also move them from room to room so that your dog is always by your side. “Wheels can be helpful if you need to move your crate around the house but they can be especially useful on travel crates,” says Dr. Ushi Phillips.

The Diggs Revol Dog Crate easily collapses down in a snap and folds back up in minutes. Plus, it’s simple enough to transport with the attached handle and wheels that let you roll it along the ground, even on carpet.

Use Crate Training Aids

After you’ve chosen the perfect crate for your pup, it’s time to make it fun for your dog. Ryan recommends leaving a durable chew toy or puzzle toy in the crate to keep your dog busy during the day.

Another way engage your pup’s attention is with the Diggs Groov Crate Training Aid that attaches securely to the inside of any wire crate, including the Diggs Revol Dog Crate. The Diggs Groov Crate Training Aid is made from BPA-free plastic and you can cover it with your dog’s favorite treat, like peanut butter or cream cheese, to encourage licking. You can even freeze it and make a delicious pupsicle for your furry buddy to enjoy.

Licking is calming for dogs and the aid makes spending time within the crate pleasant so that your pup will want to return again and again.

Make the Crate Cozy

Make your dog’s crate as inviting as possible with a comfy blanket and cushioned bed inside to help your dog relax.

A bed like the Diggs Snooz Crate Pad features cozy memory foam to support your dog’s joints as your pup slumbers or naps. Best of all, the cushion itself is waterproof and the cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.

No matter what crate you choose, your dog is sure to love it, especially if you’ve decked it out with cozy bedding and tasty snacks. Pretty soon, you’ll find your pup enjoying quality time within that wonderful new sanctuary with no prompting from you.