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The answer? Why not! 

If you live in a city or another area that doesn’t have easy access to the outdoors, paper-training is an easy and effective way to housebreak your puppy. Here's how: 

To start, you’ll need newspapers and an old vinyl shower curtain, or puppy training pads. Choose a room with a floor that is easily wiped clean, like the kitchen or the bathroom. Either cover the floor with the old shower curtain and layer it with the papers, or spread the puppy training pads on the floor.

When your puppy relieves herself on the papers or pads, throw away the dirty items and replace with clean ones.

After a few days have passed, you can take away some of the paper or pads, leaving part of the floor without cover. If your dog eliminates on that part of the floor in front of you, gently correct him. Then place him on the paper or pads and sing his praises!

Every few days you can remove a bit more of the floor cover, until you have just one small section of paper or pads for your little friend to use as a toilet area. If you can, place this area near the door, as it will help her begin to associate the door with bathroom time. As your wee one grows older, she’ll be able to hold it in for longer periods of time. Then you can take her out three or four times a day. Some people with small dogs who live in high-rise apartments even opt to continue using the puppy pads (if you do this, though, remember that your dog still needs exercise and socialization). 

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