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You should teach your dog to “stand” on a verbal cue, the same as you teach your dog to “sit” and “down.”

You may not use “stand” as often as the “sit” and “down” commands, but it is extremely useful when you need your dog to hold a standing position. Standing is helpful when you are grooming and bathing your dog, for example.

A stand is also required for some AKC Obedience and AKC Rally classes.

Teaching “stand” is easy and fast. Most dogs get the concept very quickly.

Ask your dog to sit in front of you, about a foot away.

Hold a treat parallel to her nose, a few inches away, and slowly move the treat forward towards you. As your dog stands to reach the treat, praise and quickly give her the treat as a reward.

As she starts to stand consistently, do not hold the treat any longer, just use the hand signal, and then reward with a treat from your pocket, treat bag, etc.

Once she is standing quickly with the hand signal, add the verbal cue: “Stand.”

Once she is standing on the verbal cue, you can start to teach a “stand-stay” so she learns to hold the stand.

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